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VeriShow Creating Customer Relationships with a Human Touch


West Bloomfield, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2014 --VeriShow is the world’s first multimedia platform for delivering live help and real-time sales support to website visitors. With a single-click VeriShow adds a “Live Help” button to the website so that customers can click to get live assistance from an agent.

On line shopping and doing business using the Internet is here to stay and the demand is only increasing. Merchants are in the position to answer the call of the consumer and more meetings take place through computer support systems than ever before. Good customer relations do not need to suffer nor does personal interaction need to disappear.

A complaint online shoppers have had is that they can't immediately contact a seller if there is a question or a problem. Multi-media chat is the answer to that. Instead of merely text, users can leverage all the features of VeriShow such as technical suggestions based on use case scenarios, tips to ensure requests for help are answered quickly, information is provided for closing deals on the spot and information to help stem customer attrition.

VeriShow recognizes the power of live interactive tools to inspire customer satisfaction, build loyalty and ultimately generate economic value. Applications can be used at the same time to show still images, video clips, or even real live feed from a second camera while having a one-on-one conversation with a customer about that product. Real time communication can take place through VeriShow’s audio and video chat application, or through a regular phone..

“In a time of increased customer expectations, lengthy delays in email communications are becoming unacceptable,” commented Yuval Moed, VeriShow and HBR Labs, Co-Founder and CEO. “Many clients are hesitant to complete a purchase if they have even one unanswered question.” Live support chat gives customers answers to their questions on the spot in real-time, which increases customers' satisfaction level.

Instead of describing products, VeriShow allows sales representatives to show their products and interact with the target audience. This allows the representative to focus his or her interaction on the personal interests of the client. Since VeriShow users can offer product videos, images, and photographs to close a deal, they have the opportunity to become more than just customer service reps. They serve as personal shopping assistants, equipped to help consumers select the perfect products for any occasion. This level of supported shopping boosts sales and creates customer loyalty.

Today’s online consumer expects top quality personal customer support experience. It is often the difference between getting a customer to buy or not to buy your products and services. Live chat is a common feature with many e-commerce and e-services websites.

VeriShow provides multimedia features as well as other powerful applications that can enhance the interaction with customers. These features include audio and video conferencing, and applications such as image and document sharing, real-time form filling and screen sharing.

About VeriShow
HBR Labs LLC, the parent company of, was founded in 2010 to develop and market advanced, simple-to-use, web-based collaboration solutions so companies and individuals can communicate and collaborate effectively. The platform integrates easily with 3rd party solutions including Zendesk, Joomla, WordPress, Facebook, and LivePerson. The team is led by CEO Yuval Moed, CTO Zeev Halevi, with support from a number of Michigan- based private investment groups including Lis Ventures and Gal-Mar. The company’s R&D facilities are located in Haifa, Israel; its corporate headquarters are located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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