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VeriShow Launches New Tailored Meeting Mode This Week


West Bloomfield, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2016 --VeriShow just got even better this week when it announced Tailored Meeting Mode. This mode allows a live agent on the phone to invite and meet with a customer to instantly engage and share on online and offline materials with them in real-time. The new solution allows to tailor the content per-product, to be displayed throughout the session.

The solution is browser-based with no special software required, meaning you can interact with customers spontaneously with no prior contact or installation instructions. This meeting mode invitation and live session can be done via link, email invitation, SMS or by providing the customer with a session number they can enter in a dedicated field. "People are seeing that to succeed in business, and gain new clients they needed to interact, or at least provide options to provide the best customer service," stated Yuval Moed, co-founder and CEO of HBR Labs, VeriShow's parent company.

VeriShow is a real-time personal engagement platform. It enables you to provide an in-person customer experience online. You can speak to your customers using video chat, co-browse the site and share product content with them in real-time. Once the customer joins the session, the meeting allows real-time collaboration such as: going through documentation (order form, product brochure) together; co-browse a website together (e.g. to review products, complete a purchase) and troubleshoot products.

Moed has found the need for technology advancements in development this year, as clients in the healthcare, real estate, auto industry, insurance and financial industries have shared the need to be able to discuss, show and share specific content while talking live with patients and customers.

"People feel more and more comfortable buying products and services online, however, when it comes to healthcare and banking it turns out to be a problem, states Moed. "Online users face trust issues, therefore, customers require a great deal of guidance in order to complete complex processes." Applications like video chat and co-browsing help the bankers respond instantly to their customers' queries and guide them through complicated transactions online. These applications let the bankers provide customers a real-time in- store experience online.. Since customers can see and talk to the bankers directly, they start trusting them. According to, Live Chat for Banking: increase Trust With Video Chat, globally, 7 in 10 consumers and 92% of bankers are comfortable communicating using virtual technology.

This technology can also be used by a healthcare company's agent who wants to share and discuss specific content with a patient while talking to them over the phone an agent invites the patient to join a live session. The patient is directed to the healthcare company's web site where the agent tells the patient to insert a specific code so they join the right live engagement session. The session opens up and agent shares relevant content with the patient while there is tailored content that consists of constant disclaimers and relevant links displayed at all time for the patient who can at any time click on them for additional information. That ensures a complete controlled session environment by the healthcare company especially as they want to make sure that the patient can always have access to information such as legal disclaimers and a tailored user experience.

Growth is on the minds of all businesses and this week VeriShow's Tailored Meeting Mode will elevate the face to face contact when engaging with clients and customers to deliver more efficient customer service that can contribute to higher sales and shorter support processes.

About VeriShow
HBR Labs LLC, the parent company of, was founded in 2010 to develop and market advanced, simple-to-use, web-based collaboration solutions so companies and individuals can communicate and collaborate effectively to complete complex and high value transactions online. The platform integrates easily with 3rd party solutions including, Salesforce, WordPress, and LivePerson. The team is led by CEO Yuval Moed with support from a number of Michigan- based private investment groups including Lis Ventures and Gal-Mar. The company's R&D facilities are located in Haifa, Israel; its corporate headquarters are located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.