Veteran Looking to Launch His Writing Career


Ashland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/23/2018 --Oregon novelist Mike Walters is releasing his third novel, Hidden Beneath the Pines, June 1 and is working toward stimulating his writing career by re-releasing his first two novels. The Outlaw River Wilde, and Still Wilde in Outlaw River were Walters first two novels, released in 2015 and 2016. After taking a year off publishing to move from Southern California, back to his beloved Southern Oregon, Walters is again on the precipice of another novel release.

Walters thinks he made mistakes on his first two novels, from a marketing perspective more than anything, and is looking for an opportunity to reboot the duology with changes. With novel titles and covers being so important, Walters realizes how much he missed an opportunity for better sales by incorrectly naming his books.

"I loved the titles of my two books, and people who have read them also like the titles, but no one outside of this is drawn in enough to understand what the books are about. I set aside advice from a publicist expert, who all but begged me to change the titles. Now, two years later I admit he was right. The covers were nice, but the titles and covers do not promote any interest from potential readers in and of themselves because they are confusing and don't really tell a story. I want to change this," Walters said in reflecting on his first two novels.

Reviews on his debut duology are excellent across the board but Walters now wants to see how well his books can do by titling them better. So, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for new editing, cover design, and audiobook formatting.

"My hope is that enough people will believe in what I am doing, like what I write, and in turn want to be a part of building a writing career."

Walters is asking fans, potential fans, and people who love to support vets and have a love of reading to go to his Kickstarter campaign and contribute.

His third novel, Hidden Beneath the Pines he feels is his best to date, but the love of his first two novels will always be near and dear to him and he wants more people to share in his passion and excitement for them. He believes this latest approach will enable this desire.