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Veteran Trader Anna Coulling Reveals 100-Year-Old Secret of the Top Traders

In her latest book “A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis” Anna Coulling reveals the secrets of the iconic traders of the past who used tape reading to build their vast fortunes and brings their little known secrets into the 21st century.


London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2014 --Anna Coulling, veteran trader and No 1 best selling author on Amazon reveals in her new book, how to become a consistently successful trader, based on the analysis of volume and price. This is the approach that the iconic traders of the past used, to build huge fortunes from the markets. Iconic traders such as Richard Wyckoff, Jesse Livermore, Charles Dow and Richard Ney. All used tape reading as the cornerstone of their analysis, conveying as it did two simple pieces of information. Volume and price. In the book Coulling explains how to apply the same techniques in today's electronic markets of live charts and streaming data. The book is aimed at traders of all levels, and explains how to become a consistent and profitable trader using this powerful, yet forgotten technique. The book was released by Amazon and is available at

It's a sad fact that most traders and investors in the financial markets lose some or all of their money – quickly. The reasons are not hard to find. Most mistakenly some believe that markets move on a simple mechanism of a price auction with each move higher or lower driven by the consequent buying or selling of market participants. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every market whether stocks, foreign exchange, bonds or commodities is manipulated by the actions of those companies on the inside. These organizations are often referred to as the market makers, the big operators, or just the insiders. Their role is simple - to make and manage the markets on a daily basis with one objective. To make as much money for themselves as possible all within the framework of a regulated market.

To assist them they use the simple mechanism of the media to leverage traders’ emotions from fear to greed and back again. Whilst their activities are hidden from the regulators and retail traders, there is one aspect that they cannot hide and that's volume. Volume represents activity either high or low and when combined with price, gives traders an instant and visual picture of what the insiders are thinking and doing. Its very simple. If the insiders are buying or selling then to succeed all a trader needs to do is buy or sell at the same time. Volume price analysis unlocks the mystery of the market forever and reveals precisely what the insiders are doing second by second, every day. Armed with this knowledge success awaits.

What traders are already saying about the book:

“I have almost finished my first read of your VPA book. It is what I've been looking for and the book is transforming my trading philosophy. Thank you for writing such a great and informative book. Anna, I'm both hungry and excited about developing a mastery in VPA”

“I am only half way finished with your VPA book purchased from Amazon & I'm so appreciative of the excellent information in your book. What I appreciate most is your teaching style... You have this engaging narrative authority coupled with wonderful/insightful analogies that makes your book so entertaining as well. I must say after reading more than a dozen books "4-5 rating via Amazon", yours & perhaps another book are the only two that I have found to be OUTSTANDING!”

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About Anna Coulling
Anna Coulling is a full time trader with almost twenty years experience across all markets. She writes regular market analysis for major internet portals such as, and, as well as regular market analysis on her own site. She has written two other books entitled “A Three Dimensional Approach To Trading” and “Forex Fore Beginners” both available on Amazon. Coulling has also worked with the CME as part of the Trading Around The World event. She has published many articles for publications such as Stocks & Commodities magazine, Working Money and Your Trading Edge. Coulling is in constant demand around the world as a speaker, panelist and presenter and writes daily market analysis on her personal site and podcasts on iTunes. She also runs live webinars explaining the principles of volume price analysis.

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