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Vice Force Action Squad Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Web Series


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2014 --The detective comedy has a new home - the internet.  Vice Force Action Squad is a buddy-cop series that follows the exploits of two irreverent detectives as they work to solve a grisly murder in the seedy underbelly of the big city. Now, the accomplished team of filmmakers are turning to the crowd-sourcing platform, IndieGogo, to raise completion funds for their first season by October 26, 2014.

Eric Ernst, creator and writer/director of Vice Force Action Squad, has worked his way up in the writers’ rooms of series such as Cougar Town, Enlightened, and True Detective but conceived this idea as a departure from his day job.  “I have a great love of classic cop shows such as Starsky & Hutch and CHiPs and more comical contemporaries such as Police Squad! but found the genre yet to be explored on a digital platform,” says Ernst. “I saw creating Vice Force Action Squad as a way to bring the classic detective show format to the web as a short-form comedy, while bringing a high level of production value that you don’t usually see in independently produced web television.”

About the Vice Force Action Squad series
Two detectives: caustic, abrasive Dick Douchey and slipshod ladies man Duke Le Cross investigate the murder of a young woman found in an abandoned lot. Despite their worst efforts, the haphazard cops pursue the killer deep into the criminal underworld. Despite being inept, insensitive, and completely blind to even the most obvious of clues, Douchey and LeCross always prevail thanks to a healthy amount of dumb luck and the unacknowledged help of others. Though set in modern day, Vice Force pays loving tribute to 1970s and 80s detective stories, embracing the aesthetic and tropes of that golden era. Vice Force is a sharp comedy set against expansive world fraught with wrongdoers deserving justice served hard and crusty…like a stale donut.

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