Vidalux Launches New Luxury Range of Whirlpool Baths at Reasonable Prices


Heysham, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2017 --Let your aches, pains and cares swirl and drain away with the new range of whirlpool baths from Vidalux. Finally, spa- and gym-quality personal care has reached mainstream affordability.

Up until relatively recently, whirlpool baths were only found in the most luxurious of private homes and anyone else who wished to enjoy their benefits had to do so via a spa or a gym. Over recent years, however, vendors have been working hard to create whirlpool baths, which were priced at a point where they could feasibly be purchased as investment appliances for standard homes. The new range of whirlpool baths from Vidalux is a major step forward in making this a reality.

There were two major challenges in bringing this range to market. Firstly, as one of the UK's premier manufacturers of high-end bathroom appliances, Vidalux was only ever going to put its brand name on any whirlpool bath when it was completely satisfied that the appliance met its demanding standards. The nature of whirlpool baths means that they require more sophisticated technology than their standard counterparts, which, of course, makes it more difficult to produce whirlpool baths at a lower price point. Vidalux accepted the challenge and the results speak for themselves. Each and every one of the whirlpool baths in the new range is of the same high standard as existing models and features Vidalux' patented and unique systems 'Truedrain' and 'Truecare'.

The second major challenge was creating a product range, which was wide enough to satisfy a broad customer base, while still keeping prices realistic. This was where Vidalux' commitment to customer service came in very useful. Vidalux has always been a company, which listens to what its customers want and does its best to deliver it. Based on this knowledge, and with the help of further research, they created a range which delivers a choice of systems, features and sizes, so that all customers can have a realistic expectation of finding a whirlpool bath from Vidalux, which is perfect for their situation.

Andrew Ellis, Managing Director of, gave his thoughts on the new range: "Back in the 1980s, whirlpool baths were what you saw on TV and most people could only imagine just how good they were to use. Over the years since then, the medical profession came to recognize just how useful they are from a health-and-wellness perspective and hence they became staples in spas and gyms. We think it's high time that their many benefits were made available to everyone in the comfort and privacy of their own bathrooms, which is why we're so proud and excited to launch this new range of whirlpool baths."

Mr. Ellis then went on to say: "These days it can be really hard for people to make time for themselves, especially when so many of us have to juggle work and family commitments and I'm sure I'm not the only one who always feels that I need to check my smartphone constantly - just in case. Whirlpool baths have proven benefits for our mental health as well as our physical health and I couldn't be more pleased that we've made it possible for more people to feel the benefit of them in the privacy and convenience of their own home bathrooms."