Vidalux Offer of Quality and Sensible Pricing Making Them a Leader in the UK


Heysham, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/14/2018 --In just a few short years, Vidalux has managed to transform itself from an upstart young company with a whole lot of ambition into a respected brand, which is well on its way to becoming the biggest and most popular steam and hydro shower manufacturer in the UK. Founder and CEO Andrew Ellis explains how this happened and offers some tips for anyone looking to start up their own business and make it the next big success.

His first and most important tip is – "Always offer value". It sounds simple, it sounds obvious, but putting it into practice and actually making it work takes effort and commitment. Andrew Ellis explains: "In the old days, manufacturers told customers what they were going to get and that was all there was to it. You've probably heard of Henry Ford's famous quote "They can have any colour they want, just so long as it's black."

To be fair, in those days, manufacturers had to work within the limits of what they could do and they simply didn't have the benefit of the modern technology we have today. These days, any business which wants to succeed over the long term has to look at what customers want now and think about what they are going to want in the future and then work to deliver it to them at a reasonable price."

He goes on: "As I've worked to develop Vidalux, I've learned the truth of the old saying "The more things change, the more they stay the same.". On the one hand, now is a really exciting time to be involved with anything to do with bathroom design because modern technology is making it possible to bring some of the most exciting health and wellness technology there is at the moment into the mainstream, meaning into the bathrooms of ordinary homes.

The benefits of steam and hydro have been recognized for centuries, but up until now only the very richest people could afford to have the facilities in private homes, everybody else had to wait until they were able to go to a gym or spa. Now we can offer everyone those benefits. On the other hand, fundamentally what people want now is much the same as they've always wanted – great value. Ultimately that comes down to a combination of quality, functionality and price."

Anyone who's had a chance to take a good look at Vidalux products will see that the quality shines through. Anyone who's had dealing with the company knows that they place similar emphasis on the quality of their service. Andrew Ellis is justifiably proud of both his products and the team behind them. He comments: "Even though we're working to bring down the prices of steam and hydro showers to a point where they can literally go into every bathroom, they're still big ticket purchases and people have every right to expect that they're going to last the course and that if anything does go wrong, as things sometimes do, that's life, that there's going to be somebody there who, literally speaks their language, and who is both able and willing to help them."

So much for quality, what about functionality? Andrew Ellis nods and explains: "Different people want different things. It's not necessarily all about budget, although obviously that can be a factor, it's about taste too. Some people just want simple showers with a few hydro jets, others want showers which can do a whole lot more. Everyone's individual and we make sure our product range reflects that. We also make sure that there are options for people who'd like more functionality that they can afford right now, for example they can buy a basic hydroshower and then upgrade it later with a steam kit."

That leaves price and Andrew Ellis just does not believe the oft-heard complaint that people want everything for nothing these days. He tells us: "People are perfectly prepared to pay a reasonable price for products and services, as long as they can see that they're getting value. From what I can see, modern customers are becoming much more aware of their power as consumers and using it to demand manufacturers stay on top of their game with regards to quality, both of the products and of the support service, functionality and overall value. If you're prepared to do that then you'll find the world is full of opportunities for you. Top retailers will be happy to stock your products and you'll get top marks in review sites".

That leads to Andrew Ellis' final tip for would-be entrepreneurs. "You will need to put effort into advertising and marketing, especially in the beginning, because you'll need to get the word out about your products and services. Just remember that no amount of marketing or advertising is going to compensate for a lack of quality or functionality or poor value, not over the long term. You may see companies get away with it in the short term, but don't be tempted to follow their example. Stick at it like we've have and you can make your business a success like Vidalux."

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