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Video Game Retrospective Launches Retrospective of the Game Wave from Zapit


Milwaukee, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2021 --Video Game Retrospective launched a new retrospective video detailing the history, features and faults of the Zapit Game Wave, one of the video game industry's most notorious flops.

The video is one in a long line of Video Game Retrospective videos, chronicling the development and history of the iconic video game consoles of the past. The Game Wave video details the troubled development of a console that was set to become the family friendly video game console owned by millions and why that never came to be.

The Game Wave promised family friendly gaming for up to 6 players at once. When it was released by Zapit in 2005 it saw moderate sales in it's home country of Canada and later in the United States, but was unable to cover Zapit's large development costs.

"While the game wave isn't a particularly notable console in itself, the story of a small team of passionate people competing in an industry dominated by major corporations is an important one to remember," said Jacob Jones, Host of Video Game Retrospective. "even the parts that some would rather forget."

The retrospective covers:

- Zapit's ambitious intentions with developing the Game Wave
- The struggles that occurred along the development path
- Why the Game Wave only saw minor success and run-ins with the law following Zapit's collapse

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Video Game Retrospective, along with its sister shows, Tech Retrospective and Mac Retrospective is on a mission to document the history of technology from the unique to the everyday.

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