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Video Surveillance System Mistakes Reported from Prestige Alarm for Birmingham, Helena AL, Hoover AL, and Tuscaloosa


Trussville, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2019 --Prestige Alarm is bringing awareness to customers about the benefits of having their video surveillance system installed by a professional security company. Some businesses often try to install their own systems as a cost savings. However, Prestige Alarm is often asked to come out to fix faulty video surveillance systems after they have been installed incorrectly. Occasionally Prestige is even called to fix video surveillance after an incident when the original systems failed to protect the business's assets.

Having a video surveillance system installed by a professional sends out a clear message that the system has been installed correctly, connected to the right power sources, is using the correct cameras and more. This message is especially important regarding internal and employee pilfering as internal theft is responsible for 30% of all business thefts. By mitigating this possible issue, businesses can experience one of the benefits of a professionally-installed video surveillance system.

One of the most common mistakes is the error in placing the video surveillance system where it be tampered with. By having the video surveillance system in easy reach, either by arm's reach or using a box or available step ladder, the system can be interfered with in means of angle, power, display and more. Most experts recommend installing a video surveillance system at least 9 feet high off the ground. Also, if the systems are within easy reach, the systems themselves might be a target for theft.

Another is picking the wrong video surveillance system. Cameras have many abilities – night vision, high-depth, auto focus and more. But not all cameras can do all at once. For example, being able to focus on a license plate both in daylight and at night requires a specialized camera with high definition at long distances and also the ability to work in different light levels. The same can be true for recognizing faces at a short distance.

Working with a professional for a video surveillance system will pay for itself. From knowing the proper placement to having the professional equipment for professional functionality, many customers say it is worth having the job done right.
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