Blueprint IT Solutions, Inc.

Fargo Company Announces Partnership to Give Video a Future and Company Helps Bring Videos/Music to 21st Century

Blueprint IT Solutions, Inc of Fargo announces its agency partnership with, an online transfer and hosting site for vintage video and audio.


Fargo, ND -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2011 --Kate Pfenning of Driscoll, N.D. loved reliving her wedding day through video, but it’s been years since she was able to enjoy it – her 8mm broke down and she couldn’t find a replacement. She recently learned about, a site that allowed her to digitize all of her old movies. Now she watches her wedding video, along with other family videos, whenever she wants to, thanks to her own private vault streaming on the Internet. She can also share the videos with friends and family.

Zoovio is a service that transfers videotape and allows users to watch their old format videos on any Internet connected device, including Televisions, iPads, Tablets, smart phones, and computers. Marlo Anderson, founder of Zoovio, Inc., says Zoovio has married an old technology with the Internet. Zoovio can transcode 47 different types of videotape, including VHS, audiotapes, Beta, Hi-8, and Digital 8.

Blueprint IT Solutions, Inc of Fargo was recently named the official Zoovio agency for the Fargo-Moorhead area.

“We are not only excited about bringing old memories back to life, but also working with schools, libraries, and businesses to digitize video libraries and archives that will bring greater accessibility to this media, as well as saving people time and money,” says Arday Ardayfio, owner of Blueprint IT Solutions.

Media that’s to be digitized and stored in a private online vault can be dropped off at 417 Main Avenue in Fargo. If a stash includes 10 or more videos, they will be picked up for free.

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