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Viking Bags Launches a Full Line of Solo & Swing Arm Bags for Daily Riders

California based company has released an all-new line of motorcycle solo bags & swing arm bags for the everyday rider that needs storage without having bulky saddlebags.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/22/2016 --Everyday motorcycle riders all have one thing in common, they all need storage space. Motorcycles in general don't really have anywhere to store anything and that's a problem. These new bags will allow the rider to store their wallet, cell phone, hat, or glasses safely in the bag without having to worry about it being stolen.

The go-to solution for everyday riders is to wear a backpack but this solution has created more problems than solutions because you can't get and feel the full freedom of riding a motorcycle. Furthermore, it is a hassle for the rider to always have to carry the backpack inside a restaurant, store, school campus, or any destination. Moreover, while this temporary solution works, it also puts a lot of stress on the rider's back and could be very dangerous in the case of an accident where the rider falls on their back.

The solution to wearing a backpack is to add luggage options to the motorcycle. While Viking Bags offers already offers more than 200+ saddlebags, sissy bar bags, and a few other luggage options, these can often make the bike too wide, which limits the mobility of the bike and the rider. The addition of this all-new solo bag & swing arm bag line will solve that problem by adding luggage to the bike without taking up too much space or making the motorcycle much wider while still keeping the bike's original clean look. In most cases, these new swing arm bags or solo bags are 5 inches wide or less so not much is added in terms of width to the bike.

"In states that allow lane-splitting, having a narrow bike is crucial and this line of bags will solve the luggage problem without adding to the bike's width." says Viking Bags Marketing Manager, Ramiro Hernandez.

Pricing, Styling, and Specifications

The new line of swing arm bags and solo bags offers more than 20 different designs and options. The line is specifically catering to those that want some storage space without adding a pair of saddlebags or a big sissy bar bag in the back. The average swing arm bag and solo bag gives the rider roughly 500 cubic inches of storage space without adding much to the profile of the bike. Most of the new bags are priced right under $100 with some starting as low as $39.99. There several Harley-Davidson specific bags as well. For example, there are Sportster, Softail, and Dyna specific bags that will easily mount to those bikes. In addition to the different designs, there are a few bags that come in brown leather for those that want to have that matching brown leather look on their motorcycles. Brown leather has been making a come back with the resurgence of Indian Motorcycles recently. Furthermore, the bag designs can come with 2 straps with buckles, 1 strap with buckle, or no straps nor buckles, giving the rider plenty of different looks and options.


Adding this all-new swing arm bag & solo bag line to the already popular line of saddlebags, Viking Bags is eliminating luggage problems on a motorcycle one rider at a time. Now offering more than 15 different types of luggage options, Viking Bags is living up to their slogan, "The Motorcycle Luggage Experts."