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Vinh Ly's "Billion Dollar Influence" Reaches #1 Bestseller Status at Amazon in NLP, Sales and Call Center Management

Author Vinh Ly takes a different approach towards teaching persuasion using easy to understand comics to illustrate his techniques and methods. The author's new book “Billion Dollar Influence” using this teaching style recently hit the #1 position in multiple Amazon sales categories including NLP, Sales and Call Center Management.


Toulouse, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2015 --Most experts agree a person mastering the art of influence and persuasion, can see their life radically transformed for the better in multiple areas like work, in the home and even in their love life. For the average man or woman learning these skills has often been something of a challenge, even using popular books on the market as a reference point. Fortunately, popular author and influence expert Vinh Ly has published a series of books using a innovative visual teaching method in the form of comics to help instill persuasion skills that's getting tremendously positive feedback. Ly's most recent release "Billion Dollar Influence" recently hit #1 bestseller status at in the NLP, Sales and Call Center Management categories as testament to his style of teaching being a true breakthrough for the persuasion world.

"Learning persuasion skills while reading comics is both fun and very effective," commented Ly. "I've mastered these skills in my career working with some of the best sales and marketing people in the world, in improvisational theater and in stage magic. It's my pleasure to share them in my new book 'Billion Dollar Influence'. I couldn't be happier about the enthusiastic response the book has received on Amazon and beyond."

About Billion Dollar Influence
According to the author, the short visual workbook, will help build persuasion and influence skills that can be applied at work, both in areas like getting more sales and in asking for raises and promotions; in social situations where persuasion and influence can open doors previously closed and help build a more active and enjoyable social life; and in an almost endless list of other areas.

Reviews on Amazon have endorsed "Billion Dollar Influence" 100%.

Kwame Bekoe, recently said in a five star review, "Great book, sets itself apart from the rest with its clarity and simplicity, making it easy to read and effective, even for those in the business. This is a must buy book!"

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