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VipTrace Tracks Glitterati Like a One Stop Online Shop

Setting a new bar for how fans get their news VipTrace ups the ante on media releases for popular entertainers and their latest projects.


St. Petersburg, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2014 --In a world full of noise a new site called VipTrace changes the hunt for the latest news on popular entertainers and their latest projects. A free aggregating site, VipTrace acts as a media library where subscribers can put a virtual “trace” on their favorite VIPs and get the news on all their projects both past and present. Never missing a beat VipTrace subscribers need only to search for their favorite actor, musician or author, place a trace, and up will come all the info they never knew they didn’t have.

Ever after providing a constantly updated timeline for the new movies, new books, new music and live events for their favorite stars VipTrace makes it simple. From their timeline the site’s subscribers can click on a thumbnail and listen to music, watch videos, purchase projects or buy tickets to a live event. Users can also do a world search and find new artists to love.

Stanislav Poplavskii, Founder of VipTrace said of the company, “VipTrace is a game changer. No longer do fans have to sift through all the information they don’t want just to get to the latest news on their favorite star’s new projects. We even cover new and old releases of artists who have passed away. We’re a constance source for entertainment information.”

About VipTrace, LLC
VipTrace is an information startup based in St. Petersburg, Florida that offers subscribers a free aggregating site to stay abreast of celebrity’s most recent projects and track all work accomplished during their careers. The entertainment site does an ongoing “trace” for a VIP through various genres such as movies, videos, music and books and keeps track via a consistently updated timeline.

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