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Virginia Bed Bug Heat Treatment Company Environmental Heat Solutions Reports Movie Theater Ignores Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are in the news for infesting hotels and taxis in New York, but have also become a local problem in Virginia. One father is pushing the theater to address the problem.


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2014 --Recently, according to WFSB.com, a father in Virginia took his daughters to their local theater. Upon leaving the theater, the man and his daughters discovered bite marks on their arms and legs. The upset father, concerned about transporting bugs home, addressed the situation to the theater manager who arranged for the family to travel to Wal-Mart in a taxi for new clothes.

Grateful for the service, the man was nevertheless dismayed that the theater’s bed bug problem wasn’t previously addressed, and movie-goers were not informed of the infestation. As the man said, “That whole theater should be closed.”

Homeowners and business owners know fumigation is typically used to eliminate unwanted pests. The father in this situation presented fumigation as a logical solution when discussing his ordeal. However, Environmental Heat Solutions wants to remind people that toxic treatments are not the only available solution. Bed bug heat treatments are a safer alternative to chemical pesticides and are more effective on commercial and residential infestations. Bed bug heat treatments, a chemical-free alternative, use extreme heat to kill bed bugs in all stages of life. Bed bugs are susceptible to heat, and prolonged use of heat in excess of 115 degrees Fahrenheit removes infestations safely.

For businesses, bed bug infestations, or even rumors of infestation, hurt businesses. Fumigation tents, necessary for fumigation treatments, eliminate discreet treatment. After a large breakout of bed bug infestations in New York in 2010, hotels and businesses had to battle the bugs and keep a good reputation. Lawsuits regarding the spread of bed bugs from business to home have increased too, adding to the pressure of treating infestations quickly and quietly. Heat treatment for bed bugs is a fast and discreet solution for businesses and homeowners when time is a factor.

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