Virtual Apartment Shopping Soars Due to Social Distancing Practices


Golden Valley, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2020 --Property management companies like Bigos are taking advantage of virtual apartment viewings in lieu of in-person walk-throughs. And needless to say, it has definitely changed the apartment hunting market for the better.

Talk to anyone who has looked for an apartment and they'll likely tell you two things— one, they probably won't respond to an apartment listing that lacks images of the units, and two, setting up viewings is practically a full-time job.

The frustration that comes with having to find time in a busy schedule to view different apartments can be super taxing on a person, especially someone who works during the day when many viewings take place. And some people may say that an apartment complex that can't put decent images on their website is maybe not worth looking into at all.

This new landscape amid a pandemic has brought a major opportunity to many property management companies to provide proper images of their property, units, and even 3D videos that will benefit them long after this pandemic is over.

Without being able to have in-person viewings, these companies have implemented virtual apartment tours in a few ways: more images, 3D images, virtual tours, and live tours. provides a few tips for apartment hunters on how to best find an apartment via these methods.

The best way to cover all the bases of an apartment tour via images and videos is to re-enact every part of that tour, just virtually. For instance, Bigos is providing more images of units but also virtual 3D tours that give the appearance of a full walk-through via special 360-degree cameras.

A future tenant can "walk-through" the 3D tour as if they were walking through the unit. But also view floorplans and utilize a measurement feature within the 3D tour so they can still measure to see how or if their furniture will fit into the space.

Luckily, in the coming weeks, Bigos and other property management companies will begin to open their rental offices for the first time in months. This will allow them to slowly reintroduce tours but under special circumstances and guidelines. For instance, Bigos rental offices will be open June 1st, by appointment only, for self-guided apartment tours to ensure social distancing can continue and to follow every sanitary precaution possible to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Despite re-opening, the ability to offer such comprehensive apartment tours via photos and videos has only solidified its place in the market. Building out these tools can only improve upon the apartment hunting process for those who find it difficult to make time for in-person viewings, or who are unable to for various reasons. So, whether it's a virtual tour or self-guided—happy hunting!

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