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Virtual Care Solutions Are the Future of Healthcare

Innovations in healthcare are leading to more comfortable lives and peace of mind without being at the doctor.


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2019 --Technological advancements have been propelling nearly every industry forward over the last several decades. Cars are becoming more fuel-efficient and safer. Foods are being grown in more sustainable ways, and we have more information on our smartphones than we know what to do with.

Perhaps none of these tech improvements and achievements have been more important than the many happening in the healthcare industry today.

For example, blockchain is revolutionizing the way we are storing and keeping patient data safe, and telemedicine is helping people receive care in remote parts of the world as well as those who are unable to make it to the doctor on their own.

The next stage of healthcare evolution is being driven by healthcare consumerism. Full virtual care solutions are enabling people to self manage their healthcare and live simpler lives. Leaders in this change include the areas of diabetes management, mental health solutions, and at-home physical therapy.

"People spend only a fraction of time in a doctor's office, and consumer-friendly technology is reaching the point where people can own their own condition from your home and even your workplace," says Lonny Stormo of Pops Diabetes Care, a provider of a virtual diabetes management program that encourages continuous management of blood sugar levels, resulting in fewer complications.

With full virtual solutions, people can focus on self-management while they live their lives. Not only does this benefit the end-user, but employers can dramatically reduce their healthcare costs by using these solutions in their healthcare plans.

"Using solutions like Pops can help bring down healthcare costs for employers, which is a big issue in today's world. And, most importantly, virtual care technology is improving the everyday lives of your employees," says Stormo.

It's essential for everyone to feel comfortable wherever they are. Whether it's work, at home, at the gym, or a restaurant, people can feel in control and worry-free with these virtual solutions.

Going forward, the healthcare industry will continue to invest time and resources into virtual care technology. In addition, look for more and more companies to start adding this type of technology into their healthcare plans.

Lonny Stormo