Visible Progress Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Expand the Reach of Focus 5 Productivity App

Focus 5 is a web application from Visible Progress that has been designed to help users focus, reach goals and improve results. Tim Scholten, the President of Visible Progress, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to take Focus 5 to a larger audience.


Westerville, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2015 --Focus 5 promises to be a useful web application that helps users plan out their week by entering their top priorities, track and remind to focus on them, and help remain accountable to someone for their commitments. Experts suggest that the simple habit of writing down a task increases the likelihood of its accomplishment by three times. Moreover, the same probability increases by further ten times by telling someone and committing to those goals. This is exactly what Focus 5 has been designed to accomplish.

With iOS and Android Apps, Focus 5 is a web application that can be used to plan out a week's priority actions within a minute.

Some of the most important features of Focus 5 include:

- Choose an accountability partner or team
- Add and schedule tasks and activities
- Complete and track task detail
- Feedback on productivity
- Record of accomplishments
- Messaging within the App
- Contextual Search

Some benefits of using Focus 5 are:

- Keep the boss or accountability partner informed of the activities.
- Receive helpful reminders for unfinished tasks.
- Receive feedback metrics on personal productivity.
- Track and report accomplishments.

Currently available in Beta iOS form, the web, iOS, and Android versions of Focus 5 are expected to be released by December. Expressing his pleasure about this upcoming app, a pilot user states, "I get more done with Focus 5 than I do without. As a pilot user, I was asked to stop using Focus 5 for 2 weeks. I felt so unproductive for those two weeks; I couldn't wait to start using it again. With it, I get more of the right things done."

Tim Scholten is the President of Visible Progress and the main person behind the creation of Focus 5. He is currently looking for 500 to 1,000 initial investors to build a feedback community for Focus 5. These investors will have the earliest access to the finished product, and their investment will be used bring these future releases to the user community. With this plan, Tim has recently started an Indiegogo campaign with the funding goal of $25,000.

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About Tim Scholten
Tim Scholten is a veteran banking executive and founder of Visible Progress. Based in the Columbus, Ohio area, Visible Progress is a leading consulting group that partners with financial institutions on smart strategic planning, immersive operations/systems review and inspirational change management.