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Visionary Father Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fix a Hole in Schools: Educate Kids for a Fulfilled Life Not a Factory Job

New course for tweens signifies the dawning of a new age in meaningful education.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2018 --Could it be that the status quo for kids ages nine to twelve could be upended by the notion of living a lifetime of fulfillment? Serial entrepreneur and caring dad Sam Goodman says, indeed. He has created a new course for tweens that is centered around learning to live a fulfilled life. Entitled The Fulfillment Source Code, it uses the combined knowledge of hundreds of experts and a million hours of work in neurology, biology, psychology, genetics, and nutrition. And while that sounds intense, the 20-hour course is full of what kids find fun to learn. To that end, just like the content it's built around, it has now begun its inspiring trek toward purpose. Receiving resounding applause from one of China's most innovative schools in the spring of 2018 when it was presented to their sixth-grade class, the kid-tested and parent-approved project is officially aloft. In response, Goodman has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to broaden the course's reach digitally to inspire kids all around the world.

Goodman said of the new approach to positive parenting, "I believe everyone wants to become their best selves and be happy but unfortunately, we don't learn those life-fulfillment skills in school.  Why? Because schools have failed us in this area. As a result, we want to put an end to two $12 billion industries who capture our kids on the back end - self-help and big pharma's life-threatening opioids." It's time to stop what's not working.

Goodman is slated to share the fulfillment course again in January at one of the top international schools in the world - the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). To that end, the Kickstarter campaign will fund the filming, editing, and whiteboard animation of January's event so kids everywhere can get a crack at honing their well-lived-life skills. Moreover, the production will include an interactive layer for teachers to help students absorb the specialized content and increase their potential for happiness longterm.

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