Vista Fintech

Vista Fintech: The Era of Blockchain Investment Management


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2017 --Vista Fintech is ambitious in redefining financial activities by introducing a Blockchain Investment Management Project. The traditional financial infrastructure is cumbersome and even can be considered as unfair to individual global investors. Vista Fintech offers a tremendous opportunity in financial activities for everyone.

In the past years, there were always some well known high-quality assets such as air-craft, antiques, historic art-work. Investment on these assets are almost profit-guaranteed, but the barrier of entry are unreachable for everyone. Vista Fintech's innovative investment protocol is going to remove this barricade and open the gate for everyone.

Making use of the blockchain technology, Vista Fintech effectively digitizes these high-quality assets in to generous number of smart contracts which are affordable for everyone. Every smart contract is handled by a fully-automated trading protocol which has a characteristic of openness, transparency and accuracy. Synchronized trading data are accessible to every parties in the transaction with high quality of security. This new financial infrastructural is anticipating a cost savings, effective, risk-free, minimal reconciliation and the potential removal of intermediaries.

In year 2008, blockchain technology was first came to public. After years of technical and conceptual revolution, there are plenty of participants across the world trying different application of blockchain technology in different area. We are expecting the era of the world in the near future.