Viva Network Debuts with World's First Private Mortgage Exchange Powered by Blockchain


Hamilton, Bermuda -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2018 --Viva Network has officially launched, bringing consumers an exciting new mortgage financing alternative with the world's first private mortgage exchange.

This exchange means that consumers need no longer rely on a bank to get a mortgage. Instead, they can go through Viva Network where people can invest in fractional shares of mortgages. For instance, an investor can purchase 1% (or 5% or 10%, etc) of a borrower's mortgage anywhere in the world. Each month, that borrower makes a payment through Viva Network which then ensures that the payment is divided proportionally among all the various investors in that mortgage.

Viva Network is breaking new ground in the mortgage market with a financing alternative that leverages a globally connected community through the use of tokenized debt securities.

According to Nick Thomson, CEO of Viva Network, "This platform is a proof-of-concept for Viva's ground-breaking mortgage lending technology."

Tokenization improves significantly upon the traditional mortgage model. For instance, virtually anyone with a phone will be able to become a mortgage lender, harness the power of compound interest and grow their savings. Viva Network differs from other platforms, in that users can go onto the Viva FMS Exchangeâ„¢, a secondary market for tokenized mortgage investments, and have access to free market liquidity and hyper-diversification for their investment portfolio.

Through Viva Network, borrowers can enjoy a streamlined mortgage process with a host of improvements upon existing borrowing options: lower mortgage rates, expedited access to a ready pool of capital, unparalleled transparency, and an intuitive platform that's easy to use. On the other side of the equation, mortgage investors also get an array of benefits including transparency, PMI (private mortgage insurance) protection, higher yields, and the liquidity to exit their mortgage holdings at any time.

Viva Network is setting a new standard in home lending that traditional financial institutions can't match. Learn more at

About Viva Network
Viva Network is a pioneering peer to peer mortgage lending platform and tokenized mortgage exchange offering consumers a new way to finance real estate.