VoiceZam Launches StraightShot: A Marketing Missile with Every Email


Brookfield, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2014 --VoiceZam adds a new component to its already feature-rich program, building more value for voice-actors in marketing and tracking their demos. The optional tool is called “StraightShot™”. It places clickable, customizable buttons on the user’s email messages, connecting the interested party directly to the talent’s website and playing the specific Voice Demo. StraightShot is easily composed from the existing VoiceZam interface, and incorporates other valuable program features like Zamtistics™. VoiceZam President and CTO, Bob Merkel says, “We call it “StraightShot” because it provides a 1-click trip, straight from your emails to your demos.”

StraightShot helps talent achieve the three incremental steps a producer takes in selecting a voice talent: voice vetting, personal vetting and connecting. By clicking a StraightShot button with the related demo title for their project, example: “Narration”, the producer is taken directly to the voice talent’s Narration demo which immediately plays. Once the producers recognizes the voice matches their project, they are also provided with all the talent background information on the talent’s website. Finally, the website (or VoiceZam player) supplies the talent’s contact information.”

The new feature takes advantage of one of the most used and reliable digital tools of the moment: email. Merkel notes: “…talent emails can work harder for them 24/7, proactively target marketing themselves to potential buyers with every email sent.” The StraightShot buttons can be customized and displayed anywhere in the email message. Used in conjunction with Zamtistics™ -- VoiceZam’s tracking tool -- playback “hits” are reported to the talent, showing what tracks were played, and when. Any original email that is forwarded or copied with the talent’s StraightShot buttons only furthers demo exposure within networked connections.

Merkel and his development team are excited to launch the product after months of Beta-testing. Says Merkel: “StraightShot takes producers directly to your website's demos with a marketing-guided weapon—where StraightShot automatically plays them. All with 1-click!”

For an example of how it works, go to http://www.courvo.com/demos?ssm=15&ssc=voiceDemos&ssp=VZPR&ssa=1&sss=1. Learn more about StraightShot from the VoiceZam website, visit http://www.VoiceZam.com.