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When it comes to getting channel letter signs in Bolingbrook and Chicago, Illinois, Volkan Signs & Lighting is the right place to approach.


Schaumburg, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/07/2021 --Channel letter signs are letters fabricated in metal or plastic to form a 3-dimensional logo or name. Each letter has its separate enclosure with an internal channel that also houses the electrical for its illumination.

At Volkan Signs & Lighting, one can get two types of channel letters – both aluminum and steel with an acrylic face. These signs are the best choice for signage for any business due to their many advantages.

There are different types of channel letter signs one can use to advertise one's business. The most common is the "front-lit" channel letter sign, where only the front of the letter glows or is illuminated.

The 3-dimensional, colorful channel lettering signage makes for a fantastic choice for advertising the daytime business. To achieve this lighting, the front face of the letter is capped up or sealed. Front and backlit channel letters, on the other hand, create a dramatic 3D effect. The 'open face' channel letter signs are open at the front and are relatively uncommon. These are increasingly sought because of their immense potential to create a visual impact.

Channel letter signs in Bolingbrook and Chicago, Illinois, are prevalent and have been used for ages. They are a reasonably inexpensive form of advertising which many businesses seem to prefer.

These signs are constantly reminding the potential customer of the business day and night. Since they use aluminum and acrylic, they are lightweight and easy to handle. They are excellent options for business owners, requiring not much maintenance. Other materials used in channel letter production are chrome, gold chrome, plexiglass, etc. These are weather-resistant.

The Volkan Signs & Lighting team professionally installs all types of signage – pylons, sign awnings, sign cabinets, and so much more.

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