Voxello Launches Equity Crowdfunding to Roll out Medical Technology Designed to Enhance Patient-Provider Communication

Voxello’s Noddle® greatly enhances patient-provider communication leading to better patient engagement and improved outcomes.


Coralville, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2019 --Since the time of Hippocrates, a core component of medical treatment has been doctor-patient communication. The cliché question of "Where does it hurt?" never had the mute patient in mind. Recent statistics document nearly four million patients who were simply incapable of communication one way or another. This frustration inflicts a very different kind of pain and suffering; the frustration of a patient who has thoughts and feelings and much to say about "where it hurts" or how they feel in general but cannot convey this vital information to physicians and other healthcare providers.

Moreover, when a patient is in an emergency room or intensive care unit, every moment counts. Precious time may be lost while interpreting current methods of communication, which haven't been updated in decades. Beyond communicating ideas, it's estimated that at any given time, 33% of cognitively intact U.S. patients in the ICU and 9% of patients on other units are unable to even operate a standard nurse call device.

Voxello came up with a way to do better for patients, loved ones, and providers alike; The Noddle.

The Noddle leverages the latest technology to facilitate patient-provider communications in ways that were non-existent up until now. The Noddle is an easy to learn plug and play device for patients that detects small, voluntary actions such as tongue clicks via various sensors, allowing patients to control the nurse call system, speech-generating devices, and more even if they are incapable of speech or writing down their thought and feelings.

Voxello has made available an investment opportunity to bring Noddle to the market in widespread use. Early deployment has delivered very promising results to very grateful doctors and patients. With every other branch of medical science continually evolving through technology and innovation, Voxello feels the time has come for patient communication to benefit in ways previously impossible and they are confident they have found the way forward.

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