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WAAW Foundation Announces 2014 Scholarship Recipients

WAAW Foundation has awarded the 2014 Scholarships to five female African students. These recipients have demonstrated financial need and have excellent academic records.


Wylie, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2014 --The scholarships of $500/year are for African women who have gained undergraduate admission to an institution of higher learning in Africa and are studying a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related course.

WAAW Foundation believes that female education and STEM innovation are key drivers for economic development of any region. Our overarching objective is to elevate the standards of STEM education among female Africans, and eliminate the huge disparity between the numbers of boys versus girls entering STEM related careers in Africa. WAAW works in the entire African sub region to promote its objectives, with specific presence in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Our programs are geared towards building STEM capacity among African girls and promote African innovation, and include Scholarships for college Girls in STEM disciplines, STEM camps for girls ages 11 through 15 and STEM Cell Initiatives to benefit secondary school girls.

The following 5 women have been chosen from over 1000 applications received from 34 countries of origin.

-Monica Gitundu, from Kenya, is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the
University of Nairobi. Monica’s goal is to come up with efficient and reliable energy sources so as reduce the cost of manufacturing and transport in Africa and to mentor other young African girls to realize their dreams and be competent engineers.

-Odette Mih, from Cameroon, is studying Electrical Engineering at the National Advanced School of Engineering. Odette looks forward to working together with WAAW Foundation in order to give hope to other young girls out there whose dreams are at the point of being abolished as a result of lack of inspiration, motivation, knowledge, information and funds.

-Lilian Kamara, from Uganda, is studying Computer Science at Makerere University. Lilian intends to contribute to the development of health systems in Africa, and to use the opportunity during the STEM program to share her vision and goals with other girls.

-Christiana Iyasele, from Nigeria, is studying Chemical Engineering at Delta State University. As a female Chemical Engineer, Odette wishes to contribute to the growth and development of Cameroon by becoming directly involved with the chemical processes taking place and encouraging more female to embrace engineering fields as an ultimate choice.

-Damaris Waema, from Kenya, is studying Computer Science at Jomo-Kenyetta University. Damaris plans to become a lecturer in IT and Computer Science/Technology and to start a charitable organization to help women, especially those from the marginalized communities, know their role in the community, as well as championing for more women to get into STEM based careers.

Dr. Unoma Okorafor the Founder and Chief Executive of WAAW Foundation, in a message to the young women said, “You have worked hard to reach where you are in your STEM education. WAAW Foundation is here to support your ambitions and ensure that your dreams are materialized and will open opportunities in encouraging your innovations in the STEM field.”

As part of the scholarship requirements, each of these girls will be a part of our STEM Cell Fellows that will initiate STEM Cell Units in various Secondary schools in their home country; this is an opportunity for the girls to also give back to their communities and start encouraging other young women to consider and remain in STEM Education.