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Hebei Saiheng Biscuit Production Line Company Gives a New Way of Entering the Chinese Market


Shijiazhuang, Hebei -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2017 --"Wafer biscuits are a very popular snack among the young generation. More and more Chinese are willing to spend money on various types of delicious and safe snacks instead of homemade food," said by Mr. Guo, the CEO of Hebei Saiheng food processing equipment Co., Ltd. "Our new series of fully automatic wafer production lines can be used to assist enterprises to open the Chinese market."

In recent years, with the vigorous development of the biscuit market, how to enter the Chinese market is an urgent question faced by many overseas biscuit enterprises. Hebei Saiheng food processing equipment Co., Ltd, which sells its products not only overseas but also domestically, knows the exact demand of the local wafer biscuit markets.

As we all know, wafer biscuits require a high quality of production equipment. The production line plays a decisive role in the taste and cost. The full-automatic wafer production line oriented by the international market consists of a batter mixer, gas oven, splicing machine, slope cold machine, cream coating machine, vertical freezers, slope cutting machine, cut cake machine, horizontal cream mixer and so on. Electrical components of Saiheng wafer production line use high quality brands which are safe and have a low failure rate.

In addition, Saiheng wafer production line can manufacture many kinds of products, it has the ability of cutting double layers or tri-layer sandwich wafer biscuits into small rectangles or squares quickly, and the shape of the biscuit is regular, uniform and clear. The machines which can satisfy different market demands are simple, easy to be operated and clean.

Today, the wafer biscuit production line, wafer equipments and wafer machines of Hebei Saiheng have been sold to Europe, America, Africa and other countries and regions. Whats more, the wafer biscuit production lines have a safe guard of spot supplies and delivery dates.

According to the research, by April 2017, China's biscuit market is worth about $70 billion, and the wafer biscuits make up nearly 20 percent. Finding a proper product to meet the customer's need is crucial nowadays. And Saiheng wafer biscuit production line company can help those overseas enterprises to expand their market shares.