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Wahana Villa Managed by Astana Hospitality Management


Denpasar, Bali -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2013 --Entering 2014, Bali hospitality and tourism industry is trying hard to invite more tourists as well as increase the overall service quality. To keep their places at top positions in hospitality industry in Bali, many existing hotels and villas must step up their games in order to face competition with new establishments. Astana Hospitality Management presents Wahana Villa, private villa unit located in Canggu. The three bedroom villa is considered as one of the newest, more exclusive accommodation from Astana, which is famous for building the luxurious Astana Kunti and Batubelig Villa Resorts.

“Wahana Villa is close to several main attractions in Canggu, boasts reasonable rates, has family friendly facilities and excellent, five-star rated services,” said Made Widya Darma, Astana Hospitality Director of Sales. “There is no reason for not choosing this villa for honeymoon, family vacation or just personal holiday trip, especially if you are cash strapped.”

Wahana Villa developed by Astana Hospitality Management as both holiday resort and family friendly villa, thus providing more options for various types of guests. With high level of competition between old and new hospitality establishments, Astana Hospitality Management tried hard to make

Wahana Villa a favorite destination for tourists who look for comfortable accommodation in Canggu.

With the tight competition between various hotels and villas to get new customers, Wahana Villa also faces the problem of keeping the rate affordable without lowing it too much and violates the new rate policy. Astana Hospitality Management designed Wahana Villa as an individual villa with more homey, friendly atmosphere instead of luxury resort with modern hotel setting. Spacious living area, minimalist design and humble atmosphere clearly show the fact that this villa is a one star accommodation with reasonable rate. However, Wahana Villa is not without its own charm.

Canggu was chosen as Wahana Villa location, besides its reputation as one of the most undisturbed spots in Seminyak area so far. Astana Hospitality Management also keeps the intimate yet homey atmosphere in the villa, with facilities that have become standard for hospitality establishments in Bali such as spa and massage, bike rental, private swimming pool, shuttle service and bar/coffee shop. Keeping the standard hospitality facilities while applying reasonable rates compared to other luxury villas is a strategy used by Astana management to keep in competition.

“Next peak season and year 2014 is approaching, and Wahana Villa must make sure it will compete with other establishments,” said Made Widya Darma. “This should be done not with unreasonably cheap rates, but with good services and facilities for various guests.”

Now, just only a couple of months before the new peak season at the end of year 2013, Astana Hospitality Management is making sure that Wahana Villa ready to welcome guests, whether they are honeymoon couples or family in vacation. While the competition is definitely going to be ugly, Astana management is optimistic that Wahana Villa will rise above the competition of affordable hotels and villas.

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PT. Astana Bali mandiri with the selling name of Astana Bali Management is a small luxury hotel and Bali Luxury Villas Seminyak Management. Established in 2008.