Wait Til You See Why These Polarised Sunglasses Are as Unique as the Wearer

Darwins are Customizable Polarized Sunglasses with a innovative Snap Fit locking mechanism that allows you to interchange vividly colored frames and arms in only seconds.


Arlington, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2015 --Darwins, based in Arlington, VA, are turning fashion upside down with their unique interchangeable eyewear that evolves to your lifestyle.  Darwins are polarized sunglasses that are fully customizable, utilizing an innovative Snap Fit locking mechanism allowing the wearer to interchange vividly colored frames and arms in only seconds. They have launched their recent Kickstarter Campaign to begin mass production and to further stretch their funding to allow for even more amazing color choices!

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Darwins designed hinges allow the wearer to easily swap the arms and personalize their sunglasses to any outfit. No other sunglasses are as versatile as these! Founder and CEO of Darwins, Todd Fernley explains that the hinge technology means that there is no need for tools or repair shops. With two quick clicks the wearer can have a whole new pair of sunglasses using just their hands. Todd and his team at Darwins identified a gap in the eyewear retail industry, and felt there was need for a versatile eyewear option, particularly with the fashion conscious consumer in mind. This revolutionary concept has literally placed the power of design and customization into the hands of the wearer! Darwins are thought to appeal to anyone from the age of 12 and up, beginning as trading pieces for the younger generations and evolving to practical but fashionably forward thinking eyewear for adults.

Unique design features of Darwins include the obvious versatility, thanks to the customizable and interchangeable qualities, as well as affordability and ease of transport with specialised Darwins pouches. These pouches allow the wearer to have on hand a number of different arm and frame options in only a fraction of space, without the obvious weight and bulk of several pairs of sunglasses.  Each order for Darwins receives a specialised Darwins pouch in addition to the sunglasses. The design of the Darwins arms is also specially tailored to easily fit Croakies, saving any fuss or struggle for those consumers who like to keep their sunglasses safely around their neck when not being worn. Combining all these features with state of the art Polarized Lens technology, Darwins are true leaders of their industry.

Through Kickstarter, Darwins have a number of rewarding backing options to assist with their campaign, including a customizable pair of Darwins for any pledge of $20 or more! For supporters who have the ability to pledge more than $20 there are a number of exciting additional rewards including bonus arms and frames, as well as accessories to ensure the sunglasses are always in the best of condition.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign and pledge your support and receive your very own pair of Darwins polarized sunglasses!