Wall Honey Is Coming and It's About to Change the Wall Art Game

Introducing Wall Honey, a new and exciting way to add something sweet to your walls.


Bristol, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2017 is a new and exciting approach to home d├ęcor. It's an easy, 3 step process to recreate a room without breaking the bank. The approach is simple: Choose a theme, and then the size and frame color that works the best for the wall that is being decorated. That's it! Once received, the installation process is clear and concise, and takes very minimal effort thanks to their user-friendly template. Wall Honey created these simple instructions so frames can be hung with ease, in just the right place. The end result is a curated wall of art that took minutes to achieve versus hours or even days.

Wall Honey is a concept you can feel good about, created by people who love art and design and also want to share that love with everyone. The artwork is chosen with care and combined in fresh new ways, sometimes that don't seem to go together, yet somehow create a winning match. Each frame is assembled by hand in Bristol, Pennsylvania by an experienced individual who appreciates their craft. It brings so much joy that we can share this new and exciting concept with you and encourage you to visit to see what all the buzz is about.

About Wall Honey
Wall Honey is a one stop shop for something sweet for your walls. Beautiful wall art is attainable for all, and that it doesn't mean you need to hire an interior designer or spend thousands of dollars to achieve it. Just 3 easy steps separate you from a beautiful new wall space!