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Wall Street Destroying America's Credit And The Mortgage Market

"How The Greed Of Wall Street And Your Mortgage Lender Are Destroying America's Credit" is a new book just published by National Mortgage Expert Joe Gross, Host Of America's #1 Mortgage Talk Show "Your Home - Your Future" on 1160 WVNJ Thursdays at 2 p.m.


Teaneck, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2008 -- America's attention has been focused this week on the collapse of Wall Street. Major firms have reported losses while some have become non existent. The nation is asking tough questions. Who is destroying America's credit? Why did the mortgage and financial markets collapse? Every consumer wants to know how to avoid getting caught in the middle.

In his new book "How The Greed Of Wall Street And Your Mortgage Lender Are Destroying America's Credit", National Mortgage Expert Joe Gross, gives a full detailed history of the hows and whys of America’s Financial Crisis. "In an attempt to cut out the middleman and avoid the costs of lenders fees, Wall Street acquired these subprime mortgage companies," says Joe Gross, "Their greed has cost America its credit." Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, has echoed this sentiment recently he said, "In an endless quest for easy money they dreamed up investment schemes that they themselves don't even understand".

Joe Gross has been in the mortgage business for over 10 years and has helped thousands of people. He never dreamed it would come to the point where thousands of American homeowners would lose their homes they worked so hard to obtain.

Everyday Joe listens to new horror stories that just break his heart. After hearing so many sad stories Joe decided to do something about it. The question was what could Joe do? Refinancing someone to a new loan might help some people but most of the people that are in trouble can't even qualify for a loan these days. Gross decided to write about this greed of Wall Street and the whole subprime mess. More importantly he wanted to guide people how to get the right help to survive the mortgage market collapse.

"The reason I felt that it was important to write how we ended up in this situation, how this whole thing came about and who are the guilty parties" says Gross, "was that people need to understand how we got here and how to better protect themselves and prevent this from happening again.

The second half of Gross' book discloses all the secrets consumers need to know to protect their home and their future. Gross believes, by knowing all the tricks and scams that are out there each consumer will be able to outsmart those that want to rip them off or take advantage of their situation.

The 4 most important lessons this book teaches consumers are:

• How To Protect Themselves From Unscrupulous Lenders
• How To Prevent Foreclosure
• How To Avoid Being Scammed
• How To Budget Themselves Going Forward

This book will give the consumer valuable advice and it will spill the beans and expose the greed of Wall Street and all the guilty parties that created this mess in the first place. This book is currently available on http://www.thenationalmortgageexpert.com for $29.95

Joe is available for interviews and welcomes your mortgage-related questions. He can be reached at 800-653-2684 or at http://www.thenationalmortgageexpert.com

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