Want to Learn Bitcoin Investment? It's Better to Focus on the Tutorials Launched by Mainstream Exchange


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2021 --In 2009, when Bitcoin first appeared, one U.S. dollar could buy 1,300 Bitcoins. But after decades of evolution, the current price of Bitcoin has risen to an unbelievable level. Many articles have written that the value of Bitcoin depends on people's consensus. The more people recognize and accept Bitcoin, the more the value of Bitcoin will be reflected. And the number of bitcoins is limited, only 21 million at most. If there are more people who want it, its price will rise sharply.

In April 2011, the price of Bitcoin reached $1 for the first time, and in June 2011 the price reached $30. Although it fell for some time after that, it continued to rise overall. 2013 was the year when Bitcoin broke out. Due to the acceptance of the concept of Bitcoin, the price rose from more than a dozen U.S. dollars to $1,000. By 2017, Bitcoin reached a maximum of $20,000. Now, the highest price block of Bitcoin has exceeded $60,000. Despite the current downturn, Bitcoin still remains at around $50,000.

And now on the forum, a lot of novices are posting posts asking for help. There are still some barriers for newbies to participate in Bitcoin. How can we learn how to invest in Bitcoin effectively and safely?

ZB.com, as the world's largest spot exchange, has served countless users in seven years. As a leading exchange, it is natural to know what kind of stumbling investors will face. ZB.com has successively launched several series of courses, in the simplest and straightforward way, to help investors understand the areas they are talking about. I will just list a few recent series of courses at will. One of them is the "Advanced Trading Compulsory Course" jointly produced by ZB.com Research Institute and ZBG Contract Compulsory Course. As a more subject-oriented course, ZB.com invited two well-known foreign companies who had worked in Nippon Gosei Co., Ltd. and JPMorgan Chase and had 13 years of experience in secondary market derivatives market investment research as the course lecturers. The other is the main column "Seriously, Blockchain" which is easy to understand and uses fragmented time to carry out science popularization. This column is personally explained by the CMO of ZB.com, using simple, easy-to-understand, lively and interesting language to let investors understand the topic of the column clearly in a short time. These two projects have really helped a lot of investors.

In addition, ZB.com also established the ZB Academy to help investors in the community grow quickly. According to the introduction of the official website, ZB Academy will have digital currency trading teaching, science popularization, as well as the latest news and daily market trends of the blockchain. Of course, digital currency will be given away from time to time, so that students can actually operate.

When exchanges begin to lead digital currency enthusiasts, we can foresee a bright future for digital currency. Now that the downward trend of Bitcoin has begun, many institutions are still optimistic about it and have begun a new round of large-scale purchases of Bitcoin. Bitcoin will continue to rise in the near future, trading skills are very important at this time. If there are readers who are interested in investing in Bitcoin and are still a novice, it is better to check the official ZB.com.