Warm Friend Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Save Alpacas from Dying of Cold

Warm Friend comprises of a team of animal lovers dedicated to saving Alpacas from dying of extreme cold. Their funding requirement for this project is $150,000.


Arequipa, Peru -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2016 --One of the largest natural reserves for the preservation, husbandry, and care of South American Camelid species such as alpacas, vicunas, llamas and guanaco is located at Arequipa, Southern Peru. Amongst these species of Camelids, Alpacas and Vicunas are particularly vulnerable because of their anatomy. It has been observed that a high number of Alpacas and Vicunas fall prey to this region's extremely inclement weather. The sub-zero temperature completely eliminates the native plants that are the primary food source for these species. Extreme cold also leads to deaths due to respiratory diseases.

Warm Friend is a commendable initiative to work with the rural communities dedicated to Camelids-grazing. The primary focus of this team is on safeguarding these animals by providing them the best possible conditions. This includes adequate infrastructure for shelters, medicines for the different treatments, resources for development and protection of crops.

Highlighting their purpose, a senior spokesperson from Warm Friend said, "Our purpose is to ensure the well-being of thousands of llamas, vicunas and alpacas, as well as the people who take care of them. But this will be possible if we come together and take the next step to reduce the number of deaths that could be avoided and then we will see lots of Camelids that were close to disappearing, occupying the Peruvian Andes Mountains again."

An Indiegogo campaign has just been launched by Warm Friend to meet the expenses for this huge ordeal. The funding goal of this campaign is $150,000. This amount will be spent on
- Buying medicines and vitamins for the animals (5%).
- Preservation of food (25%).
- Ensuring the well-being of the Camelids with regular visits by specialists (15%).
- Creation of an enterprise dedicated to begin a project with the vulnerable people living in the region (15%).
- Construction of shelters for the extreme cold season (40%).

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About Warm Friend
Warm Friend is an initiative created to work with rural communities dedicated to Camelids-grazing. This team is focused on providing the best conditions for the welfare of these animals, like adequate infrastructure for shelters to protect these animals from adverse climatic conditions, medicines for the different treatments, resources for development and protection of crops which are used as cattle feed, etc.