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Waste Disposal Customers Can Ensure Better Waste Collection in Winter

Winter means complications for a lot of services, including waste collection. However, both businesses and consumers can contribute to efficient and effective waste collection by making sure that their waste receives the right preparations.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2016 --Wintertime conditions can turn simple tasks into a laborious and time-consuming process, both because of the hazards and because of the needs to watch out for the same hazards. As a result, something that should be simple such as waste collection can become complicated, which is a problem for both businesses and consumers as much as waste disposal companies. However, waste disposal customers should know that the right preparations can contribute to the efficient and effective collection of waste, which is important for keeping their properties as presentable as possible.

For example, putting the waste at the end of the driveway situated as close as possible to where the waste disposal truck will be parked can be surprisingly helpful to waste disposal companies. This is because winter means plentiful slip and fall hazards, which can be particularly dangerous when people are moving large weights around. By putting waste at the end of their driveways, both businesses and consumers can facilitate waste collection by saving waste disposal companies the short walk, which can be important if there has been recent snowfall.

Similarly, Speedy Dumpster wants customers to know that organic waste as well as other wet waste can freeze when exposed to cold temperatures for sufficient periods of time, which can result in them not being picked up by the waste disposal companies. To prevent such problems, make sure that waste receptacles are lined using either cardboard, newsprint, or a similar material for protective insulation. Furthermore, consider wrapping the wet waste in either compost bags or even newspapers, which can have an insulating effect as well. This way, both businesses and consumers can make sure that their waste will be collected when they want it to be collected, which will be beneficial to them as well as their waste disposal service providers.

There are more steps that waste disposal customers can take to ensure better waste collection in winter, with some even tailored to particular regions with particular climates. Those interested in learning more should not hesitate to satisfy their curiosity by contacting waste disposal companies such as Speedy Dumpster, which will be happy to fill them in on the details. After all, a well-informed customer is a boon for both sides of the business arrangement.

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