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Waste Is Changing How Animals Behave

Researchers have shown that landfills in south-central Portugal have changed the migration patterns of storks, which is but one more example of how human choices are changing how animals behave.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2016 --According to an article published in Movement Ecology, white storks in Europe have been changing their migration patterns as the result of landfills in south-central Portugal. Although this can seem unimportant, it should be noted that this is but one example of how waste is changing how animals behave not just in Europe but throughout the world. Some examples of which can have much more serious consequences for humans.

In brief, the change in the white storks' migration patterns seems to have been a gradual process. Before the 1980s, none of the birds could be found in Portugal during the winter months, but that began to change as more and more birds started scavenging from the landfills situated in south-central Portugal. Eventually, this resulted in some white storks refusing to head south altogether, choosing to make a meal out of hamburgers, leftover chicken, rotting fish, and other food waste instead.

This is far from being the sole example of how human waste is changing how animals behave. For example, a loss of habitat as well as the availability of food in the form of food waste have increased the number of interactions between humans and large carnivores such as black bears. Although more such interactions will prove to be no more than nuisances, there have been an increasing number of animal attacks, which tend to end well for neither the humans nor the animals. This problem has become particularly serious because there is a lack of knowledge among urban residents about what they should and shouldn't do when confronted by large carnivores, which cannot be blamed on them because of the incredible fall in the number of interactions between humans and large carnivores in past decades.

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