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Waste Management Solutions Company EnviroSolutions, Inc. Supports Salisbury University's Recycling Leadership

Salisbury University recycles 51 percent of its food waste, a huge increase over the state-required 15 percent. EnviroSolutions, Inc. a fellow waste management leader, recognizes Salisbury’s efforts.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2014 --Salisbury University in Maryland takes recycling seriously. Recycling efforts on college campuses are not a new phenomenon, but Salisbury has become a leader in food waste recycling among all universities in Maryland. EnviroSolutions, Inc., a waste management leader throughout the Atlantic coastal region, has expressed its congratulations to Salisbury. “We are proud to work in a state whose school’s care so deeply about the environment. The work the students at Salisbury University are accomplishing is of great benefit to the environmental efforts of the state as a whole,” says a representative of EnviroSolutions, Inc.

Salisbury has recently shown an impressive rate of food recycling, with over 50 percent of all food being recycled instead of going to Maryland landfills. Given the state requires only 15 percent of food waste be recycled, Salisbury’s success is a huge leap for environmental efforts. The total amount of food recycled by the students comes out to an average of 53 pounds of food per student per year, or 275 tons of food. All of the food that does not go to landfills is sent to be composted. The resulting compost is sold for commercial and private purposes used in gardens and landscaping throughout the state, including on the Salisbury campus itself.

Just as Salisbury University leads all other Maryland schools in sustainable waste management, so too does EnviroSolutions act as a waste management leader. EnviroSolutions, Inc. is a LEED certified waste disposal company with an A+ BBB rating, and helps numerous construction companies achieve their LEED certifications. By providing rental dumpsters for companies throughout the DMV area, EnviroSolutions, Inc. collects and disposes of waste from construction sites, office buildings, and residential neighborhoods in Maryland landfills.

EnviroSolutions, Inc. dumpsters are used to collect both recyclable and non-recyclable waste, which are sorted and sent to the proper waste disposal facilities when necessary. More information about EnviroSolutions, Inc. can be found at: ESIWaste.com.

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