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Water Leak Detection the Next Part of the Connected Home: Check out CHK2O

CHK2O is changing the way water leaks are detected while offering control from your mobile device


Oberlin, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2014 --CHK2O (check-two-oh) detects water leaks in the home from any point in the system using a patent-pending pressure detection system. Installation of the system is simple, and can be performed without hiring a plumber. The system connects wirelessly to a smartphone for complete control over the home’s water line anytime, from anywhere.

CHK2O is raising $125,000 on Indiegogo and is taking the worry out of water leaks commonly found throughout the home. With the patent-pending leak detection technology, the device monitors for water leaks, large or small, while away from home without the use of sensors. Prototype and R&D have been completed and funding is needed for manufacturing this product.

Upon detection of a leak, the in-line shut off valve closes to stop water flow and prevent catastrophic damage. The system interfaces with an ordinary internet router allowing CHK2O to send alerts to an app installed on a mobile device. The in-line shut off valve can be remotely turned on or off from the mobile app which gives ultimate flexibility when installed in your primary residence, business, or rental property.

CHK2O founder Benjamin Becker, Managing Director of HotEnd Works LLC, said that “one of the key features of the product is the ability to remotely shutoff the water when a leak is detected by using the mobile app. This avoids thousands of dollars of water damage to your home.”

Installation of CHK2O is simple and can be performed in as little as 10 minutes depending on the location of the main water line for the home. CHK2O uses fittings which enables installation without the need for soldering, saving time and the cost for hiring a plumber.

Ben thought of the idea after experiencing his own basement flooding, and paying thousands in repairs for floors and belongings. Commenting “After looking at current leak detector systems on the market that only partially fit my needs, I knew I could make a better product at lower cost.”

Insurance deductibles exceed the cost of CHK2O many times over.

About CHK2O
CHK2O is a product owned by Beck Energy Works, LLC established in 2011 located in Oberlin, OH. The company focuses on new technology development in both the advanced materials market, as well as the home automation markets.

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