WaterClub Announces Indiegogo Campaign for Integrated Multi Filtration Systems


Dubai, UAE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2016 --WaterClub, a convenient filtration device which provides on-demand hot and cold purified water from the tap, has announced an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its initial production run. The Indiegogo campaign offers a limited supply of WaterClub devices, insulated water bottles, and other added incentives. Prospective backers are encouraged to make a pledge and secure the best prices on their WaterClubs today.

WaterClub provides a simple and effective answer to hot and foul-tasting water with an integrated filtration and purification system. The system connects directly to a residential water line and delivers touch screen dispensed, temperature-controlled water with ultra-high purification standards.

The idea for WaterClub came from the founder Omar Chappuis' own experiences living in Dubai. Tired of smelly, hot, and terrible tasting water, Omar Chappuis looked for an affordable home-based purification solution to avoid the need for expensive bottled water in wasteful plastic containers. While some at-home filters were available, none of them offered the convenience and ease of high-grade filtration alongside easy-to-use temperature control to avoid hot tap water.

The WaterClub filtration system works by directly connecting to a resident's water supply to provide direct filtering of the water coming from the tap. A multi-stage, high-performance filtration system removes the toxins, odors, and other contaminants within the water. Additionally, the device also controls water temperature to provide cold water at 4° or hot water up to 98° which eliminates the problem of hot or lukewarm tap water.

Using an intuitive touch screen menu system, users can simply press the icons for the type of water they need (whether boiled, chilled, or even ambient room temperature). Filters are easy to replace with indicators alerting users when they are worn out. This technology provides people with high quality, pure water without the need for constant trips to the store and wasted plastic from water bottles.

Part of the secret behind WaterClub is the technology which powers it. The filtration process used to purify the water is similar to the processes used by major water bottling processes. The only difference is that the operation has been scaled down for home use with integrated temperature control.

The WaterClub Indiegogo campaign provides a wealth of incentives for backers including early bird discounts, a variety of multipurpose reusable water bottles, package deals, and more. Earlier pledges will be rewarded with even better pricing options for the WaterClub and filters. Buyers can visit the Indiegogo page to learn more about the project and secure their pledge as soon as possible to lock in the best prices.