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Wawazen.net Launches Business Opportunity with Free Basic DIY Course on How to Create a Waterwall

Launched as the first worldwide waterwall school, Wawazen.net creates every reason to roll up one’s sleeves and create wonders with water features.


Bavaria, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2018 --Who would have thought that something as stunning, calming, and distinctive as an indoor waterfall could be made simple enough to turn into a business within three weeks? Welcome to the online DIY waterwall school Wawazen.net. Launched to simplify the process of either creating one's own water feature, or starting a wall fountain installation business, the site is, pardon the pun, a well-spring of opportunity. Now, do-it-yourselfers have three useful options to make life lovelier. They can utilize a free basic course online about how to build a glass waterwall, read a book about the process, or subscribe to a membership and grow their new business. Gorgeous wall fountain, anyone?

First launched as a German-speaking site in 2014, the new English sister site delivers a good deal of free DIY content for private and commercial users. Then, a Gold Membership area is offered to access plans, manuals, dealer addresses, educational videos, sample pictures, case studies, checklists, and sales support, etc. Also provided are a brochure and a sales page that can be used to procure customers.

Markus Retek, the Director of Wawatec System LTD, said of the DIY site, "Having done this for quite a while, I know there's a lot of time and money to be saved by using our know-how and support. Our plans have been proven, and they result in reliable waterwalls every time. That makes this a phenomenal opportunity predominately because, with our system, you don't need to have your own workshop. You can run a business on a very low fixed cost rate and thereby avoid frustration and unnecessary expenses. With our ongoing support, you won't make all the mistakes 80% of the people do when they're starting out. It's a win/win we're happy to provide."

Wawazen.net topics include:

Water Treatment
Water Technology
Level Control
Water Filtering
Water Additives
Pumping Technology
Water Distribution
Noise Reduction
Water Purification
Feng Shui
Thread Fountains
Material features about glass, stone, and stainless steel
Sales Support

For more information visit http://www.wawazen.net. To purchase the book "DIY Waterwall: How to be Successful with Indoor Waterfalls" on Amazon visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F48196S.

About Wawatec System LTD:
In the water feature business since 2001, Markus Retek founded Wawatec System LTD in 2014 which is based in Diessen, Bavaria, Germany. He has delivered more than 1,000 water features to date and launched Wawazen.com and its English version Wawazen.net to provide education on how to create waterwalls.

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