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We Love Animals Durable Car Seat Cover Reduces Damage Caused by Dogs

Vehicle owners are wasting thousands of dollars each year trying to remove hairs from their cars that are left behind by dogs. The car seat cover by We Love Animals is helping pet owners to deal with that problem and protect the interior of their vehicle.


Grimsby, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2016 --We Love Animals has found a solution to the problems vehicle owners face when transporting a dog on a regular basis. One of the common problems pet owners have are the hairs that are left behind in the interior of the vehicle; these hairs can be very hard to remove and can get stuck in between seats and other areas of the vehicle. By using the We Love Animals durable car seat cover, pet owners can remove the problem and keep their cars hair free.

Dog hairs in vehicles have become a serious problem for many years, not only are they hard to remove and can cause serious expense, but they can also leave an odor behind as well as getting coated on passengers clothing. Hairs are not the only problem vehicle owners come across, dogs can leave dirt behind as well digging their nails into the seats, leaving long-lasting damage. The durable seat cover, which can be fitted within minutes provides full protection to the interior of the vehicle. It can absorb any form of liquid and can be easily cleaned.

The We Love Animals car seat cover is currently available at a special promotional price of $54.95 (normal retail price $95.95), which includes free shipping. This price is for a limited time only and once the promotion is over it will go back to its normal price.

Since being launched on Amazon, the car seat cover has received five-star reviews, making it one of the most reviewed new car products.

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About We Love Animals Car Seat Cover
The car seat cover provides protection for vehicle owners. It protects the interior of the car and can be fitted within minutes.

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