Wealth Management Products of the Four Major Cryprocurrency Exchanges: Huobi, ZB.com, Binance, and OKEx


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2020 --Huobi, ZB.com, Binance and OKEx are major cryptocurrency exchanges now. The four major wealth management products on the platform are divided into easy-to-use, suitable for experienced and new, high-yield and low-risk. So today, I will give you an analysis of the four major exchanges and look at the qualifications of theirs wealth management products.

Binance's Savings went live a year ago. Binance Savings also includes Flexible and Locked Savings.

Flexible Savings: Similar to bank demand storage, it supports functions such as deposit and withdrawal at any time, daily interest calculation, and in real time transfer back to the account. The redemption amount will be credited to the account on the same day, which is flexible in operation. The shortcomings is theirs mainstream currencies have low annual interest rates (annual interest rate reference:0.24% to 4.99%).

Locked Savings: When the date expires, the funds will be automatically unfrozen, and the principal and interest will be credited to the account at the same time. The balance of the funds can be viewed in the funds list (annual interest rate reference: 2.27-8.00%).

Staking: Users can get rewards as long as they deposit funds in currencies supported by Staking. And every time a transaction is completed, the number of staking balances will change, and corresponding rewards can be obtained from the daily snapshots. Users can accumulate digital currencies supported by position rebates through transactions, or sell them.

OKEx provides wealth management products including Mining, Earn and OK PiggyBank.

1.Mining: Locked mining refers to the pledge of rights and interests in the blockchain. The POS mechanism is adopted to obtain corresponding token rewards through locked digital currency assets. The source of income is reasonable. In addition to currency price fluctuations, the risk coefficient is very low( The current reference annual rate of mainstream currency is 2-5%).

2.Earn: Deposit the assets in the mining account at the agreed time, and get the corresponding interest according to the actual interest rate. There is a free option of 30-90 days (annual interest rate reference: 3.13%-10.81%).

3.OK PiggyBank: OK PiggyBank, launched in 2019, is a value-added service. OK PiggyBank earns daily interest every day from the second day of depositing funds, and users only need to wait for the income to be credited to the account.

ZB.com, formerly CHBTC, as an old predecessor who has been operating safely and steadily for 7 years, it is also the earliest platform for mainstream currencies such as ETH, EOS, and XRP to go online. Now ZB.com has formed a rich ecosystem that integrates spot trading, fiat currency trading, margin trading, wealth management, ZAPP, a social terminal that supports tens of thousands of hot chats within its APP, etc.

1.Savings: ZB's Savings is an upgraded version of the previous Managing funds through leverage. It currently supports 22 mainstream currencies including BTC, USDT, FIL6Z, DOT and other currencies. Users can deposit and withdrawal at any time, and interest will be calculated from the next day. Users can view the annualized rate of return for the past 7 days on the wealth management page, and the operation is simple and flexible (maximum annualized return: 9%). Among them, the most secure QC is a digital currency based on quantum chain smart contracts. It is an independent digital currency issued by the Qcash Foundation. QC is anchored to offshore CNY, and the currency price fluctuation is close to zero.

2.Loan: ZB.com's loan allows users not only borrow digital currency through mortgage , but also mortgage digital currency. It has less limitations and is easy to use.

3.Mining: Currently it supports web and mobile terminals. The basic steps are to transfer digital currency or deposit digital currency. It is suitable for beginners to perform entry-level operations. The annualized rate of return is relatively high while the risk coefficient is low, and the deposit and withdrawal are available, which is more flexible.

Huobi is very cautious about the development of wealth management products and is still in the development stage.

1.C2C Lending: As Huobi's first wealth management product, risks are controlled through the risk control system of leveraged trading. The currencies for lending are BTC and USDT, and will gradually increase in accordance with market demand.

According to the above analysis, among the wealth management products of the four major platforms, ZB.com, which has higher stability, is obviously more suitable for new investors in the crypto space. Of course, each has its own characteristics. It is recommended that you invest rationally and choose a stable platform with a high safety factor.