Wealth Management Products of the Three Major Exchanges: OKEx, ZB.com, Huobi


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2020 --As we all know, in the digital currency trading industry, OKEx, Huobi, and ZB.com are collectively referred to as the " three major exchanges." In addition to having a wealth of exchange operation experience, high-quality trading experience, and a system with a high safety factor, there is another point that cannot be ignored: they have all obtained legal exchange licenses recognized by many countries. The three major exchanges have launched different financial products to meet experienced investors and fresh investors' need. They adhere to the principles of high yield and low risk. Here's the summary of the characteristics of the wealth management products of the three major exchanges (the following rankings are in no particular order).

As the oldest among the three major exchanges, ZB.com was registered and established in June 2013. At that time, it was not called ZB.com, but was originally called CHBTC, which is the famous China Bitcoin exchange, and belongs to the top-level domain name. It is the first platform to launch mainstream currencies such as ETH, EOS, XRP, and has a considerable number of fans in the south China. In terms of financial management, ZB.com focuses on simplicity and flexibility, focusing on low risk and high return.

1.Savings: It is an upgraded version of its previous leveraged financial management product, with deposit and withdrawal at any time, and interest can be charged the next day. Users can view the annualized rate of return for the past 7 days on the wealth management page. The operation is simple and flexible. The maximum annualized rate of return is 14.6%. And now, Savings has been upgraded to support 19 mainstream currencies. Among them, QC, an independent stablecoin issued by the Qcash Foundation, is a digital currency based on Quantum chain smart contracts. It is anchored to offshore CNY. The currency price fluctuation is close to zero, with high returns and low risks. This shows that QC's Savings is very suitable for any level's investors to participate.

2.Loan: ZB.com Loan can not only borrow stablecoin by mortgaging cryptos, but also borrow cryptos through mortgage stablecoins. It also support currency withdrawal, and the operation is relatively simple.

3.Mining: Currently it supports web and mobile terminals. It is very popular among flesh investors. The yield rate is high while the risk is low, and the deposit and withdrawal are flexible.

Huobi is an exchange established in 2013. Huobi is very cautious in its wealth management products and doesn't release a product called Savings until lately.

Savings: Now Huobi Savings supports USDT and BTC, with annual yields of 4.81% and 1.6%(data on Aug 24) respectfully. And it displays the return of earning per 1000 coins for one day, which is about 0.1367 USDT and 0.043 BTC respectfully. The operation is simple as user just need to transfer in assets.

OKEx was established in 2014 and was the first exchange to launch contract trading. The wealth management products provided by OKEx include Mining, Earn and OK PiggyBank.

1.Mining: Locking and mining refers to the pledge of rights and interests in the blockchain. The POS mechanism is adopted to obtain corresponding token rewards through locked digital currency assets. The source of income is reasonable. In addition to currency price fluctuations, the risk is very low( The current reference annual rate of mainstream currency is 2-5%).

2.Earn: Deposit the assets in the mining account at the agreed time, and get the corresponding interest according to the actual interest rate. There is a free option of 30-90 days (refer to the annualized 3.13%-10.81%).

3.OK PiggyBank: OK PiggyBank was launched in 2019, is a value-added service. OK PiggyBank earns daily interest every day from the second day of depositing funds, and users only need to wait for the income to be credited to the account.

In summary, ZB.com's Savings and Mining products are the most attractive and more suitable for investors. In addition, easy operation and flexible deposit and withdrawal are its characteristics, and ZB.com's mainstream currency financial management returns are high, and the QC stablecoin has low risk. It is one of the best investment methods for both senior investors and flesh investors.