Wealthspider: Advertising Made Simple

New Site Connects Advertisers with Content Creators Through Simple System


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2014 --Many people participate in channels across the Internet, with social media accounts, blogs, and more. Wealthspider, a site that connects individuals with advertisers, is proud to announce a pre-launch phase that will last until April 30.

Wealthspider enables people to make money with their channels, whether it is a blog, website, Facebook page, or even a Twitter account.

To participate in Wealthspider, people simply need to register their channel, and then Wealthspider goes through a process to match advertisements to the content. Wealthspider makes sure that ads are relevant to the content that is produced. Users are then able to place an offer on the advertisements, bidding whatever price they see fit, and then if the advertiser chooses to accept, they will pay through Wealthspider’s secure system.

When advertisers are connected with users, ads can then be placed on the selected channels in order for profit to be generated. Wealthspider makes the process simply by transferring money into the user’s account, so they don’t have to worry about collecting from the particular advertiser.

The system is beneficial to both advertisers and content producers, and it is considered to be the number one marketplace for individual online marketing channels.

Wealthspider is currently looking for both individuals who want to earn revenue by placing advertisements on their channels, and they are looking for advertisers who want to promote their products to their targeted consumers.

About Wealthspider
Bjoern Soerensen and Daniel Schabron founded Wealthspider, based in Zurich, Switzerland, in January 2014. From their experience in web design, online marketing and social media emerged the idea of a web platform that gives everyone the opportunity to earn money with their passion. These passions include producing valuable content for followers as well as the passion of creating new products that can now be advertised effectively.

For more information, visit http://www.wealthspider.com/welcomeChannel.php