Wearable Tech Orthopedic Wrap Device Coming to IndieGogo to Fight Pain and Opioid Addiction


Danville, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2018 --A wearable technology device incorporating NASA's Low-Level Laser Technology (LLLT) that is designed as an orthopedic wrap for instant joint and knee pain relief is gaining the attention of an increasing number of physicians in the fields of orthopedics and pain management as it approaches its launch date on IndieGoGo.

The soon to be crowdfunded device, which is the latest innovation in the field of wearable technology applied to healthcare, has also been capturing the attention of a large number of subscribers who are registering to be the first backers of the crowdfunding campaign that will fund the production of WellWrap, and which will offer 40% off the future retail price to early backers.

"WellWrap has three missions," stated Abi Kariguddaiah, creator of the device, who explained that, "It's a comfortable wearable device that offers almost immediate knee joint pain relief without any side-effect, it allows people to track their vitals through a smartphone app, and it makes it easier for families and doctors to know how their relatives who struggle with pain are doing."

The device is an alternative to opioids and, since it involves no use of drugs, is a non-invasive natural method to treat pain at home. WellWrap uses NASA's LLLT technology, which efficiently reduces inflammation, eliminates pain and promotes a faster recovery of cells, which means that the device's users will not need to depend on heavy medication to stop the pain.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 115 people in the United States die every day after overdosing on opioids—from prescription pain relief drugs to heroin. In many cases, this problem, and the addiction underlying it starts with a normal use of pain relief drugs that become an escalating addiction. The impact of this epidemic on individuals and families is too widely spread to be numerically accounted for, but the bill in dollar terms that the United States faces every year due to prescription opioid misuse is known to be in the $78.5 billion mark.

"WellWrap does not only want to improve the lives of individuals struggling with joint and knee pain, offering them a remarkably safe and efficient way out of that pain, but we also want this device to help the American society to find a way out of the opioid crisis that the country is being sucked into," Mr. Kariguddaiah commented.

From athletes to professional drivers, post-operative patients, and senior people, millions of Americans are expected to see in WellWrap the trustable and effective method to obtain pain relief in a healthy way. Many orthopedic surgeons, Chiropractors, and other health care professionals have already been using NASA's LLLT technology for therapeutic and pain relief purposes, but WellWrap's creators highlight that they are blending it with the cutting-edge advantages of wearable technology to allow people dealing with joint and knee pain to have a seamless way of benefiting from this technology without having to visit a doctor or other healthcare practitioner.

The campaign, which is a few weeks away from launching on IndieGoGo, is running its pre-launch at, where it is allowing people to subscribe in order to buy the WellWrap with a 40% discount on the day of the launch.