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We.Are.Yogi Announces Proprietary New Meditation-Enhancing Nutritional Supplement

W.A.Y. Chill™ Formulated with a Synergistic Blend of Herbs, Amino Acids and Cognitive Ingredients Sourced Worldwide


Encinitas, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2014 --We.Are.Yogi, a wellness education and products company headquartered in the yoga, surf and wellness mecca of Encinitas, California, today announced the release of its proprietary dietary supplement, W.A.Y. Chill™. The one-of-a-kind, organic cacao powder uniquely blends with hot water or milk, including almond, rice and soy, to provide a deepening of meditation and mindfulness practices.

W.A.Y. Chill™ was developed through a thoughtful process which involved identifying and sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to formulate a supplement designed to enhance the meditation experience and mindfulness. With the personal experience and deep knowledge of the challenges in calming mind, body and soul in our hectic and stressful modern lifestyles, the founders of We.Are.Yogi created Chill™ to help soothe, calm and relax the body and mind to allow everyone to reach a true place of inner stillness.

W.A.Y. Chill™ is specifically formulated to be used during meditation or mindfulness practice, as the synergistic blend of herbs, amino acids and cognitive ingredients was specifically created to induce calm and peace, states of mind and body that enhance meditation and mindfulness.

With a focus on optimal nutrition, W.A.Y. Chill™ is gluten free and vegan friendly. For to purchase, please visit www.weareyogi.com, your local yoga studio or speciality nutrition retailer. For more information, please email Traci Wallace at traci@weareyogi.com.

About We.Are.Yogi
W.A.Y. Chill™ was born when one yoga teacher, simply looking for a way to help himself and his students with nutritional and supplemental support, met two like- minded visionaries. Together they conceived of a way to help the world live more conscious, healthy, and present lives. Through their collective passion and expertise, they created a conscious company with the aim of supporting people in every aspect of their lives. After more than one year of hard work, dedication, effort, and love sourcing organic, complementary ingredients from all over the world, We.Are.Yogi.’s first product, Chill™, has been born. It is the sincere hope of the founders of We.Are.Yogi (Ashton Szabo, Doug Smith, and Traci Wallace) that, regardless of background, career, hobbies, or spiritual practice, people worldwide can benefit from the unique products they have put so much of their so much of their heart and soul into creating. www.weareyogi.com