Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Offering an Innovative New Lure Bag for Fishing

Founder of, Roy Myer, is launching an up-and-coming website offering a new and innovative type of lure bag that is made in multiple sizes to help fishermen store lures in something that is far more convenient and secure than standard plastic tackle boxes. For more information, visit the website's blog at


Nice, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2016 --Roy Myer is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website will offer an innovative new type of lure bag that comes in 16 pouch and 24 pouch sizes. This lure bag solves problems that people may frequently have with standard fishing tackle boxes. Mr. Myer was inspired to start his website by his need to find an easier way to store the large number of lures he liked to take with him on each fishing trip. He decided to invent some kind of lure bag that would be able to solve many of the common problems with standard tackle boxes.

Mr. Myer offers a spectacular lure bag that boasts several key improvements over standard tackle boxes. The lure bags offered within the merchandise of are made of nylon and are both UV ray rated and mildew proof. The bag folds up to contain 16 or 24 plastic pouches within the bag to hold the lures. The bags themselves are closed with Velcro to keep lures from escaping even if the bag is dropped or held upside down. These lure bags can take up significantly less room on a boat then standard tackle boxes while providing added protection for the lures inside.

One of the main disadvantages of common tackle boxes which Mr. Myer wanted to overcome was the way that these boxes break open after being exposed to the sun. Sitting in the sun causes common tackle boxes to become brittle and susceptible to breaking. If the box is then dropped, a fisherman might have to spend a large amount of time trying to retrieve his lures. The lure bags offered on also have advantages over other types of lure bags on the market. The standard lure bags on the market include plastic boxes within pouches which can break and often melt fishing worms that people place in them. Mr. Myer's innovative new bags don't have this problem and can be easily unfolded to provide a fisherman with superior visibility and access to all of their lures for an additional benefit. These bags can be used for many items other than fishing lures as well, so the only thing that will limit the use of the bag will be the imagination of the person who purchases it.

To complement the main website, Mr. Myer is launching a blog located at

The blog covers topics that relate to fishing in general. Mr. Myer will be writing about fishing by the moon cycle and barometer, finding the proper pole for specific types of fish, good reels that people can use, where you should fish, and much more. The goal of the blog is to provide customers with additional information about fishing so that they will be able to more easily catch the fish they are interested in fishing for.

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