Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Offering Quality Pet Supplies

Founder of, Corinne Eshleman, is launching an up-and-coming website featuring an extensive selection of excellent pet products that pet owners can use with their pets including dog collars, pet beds, pet carriers, pet furniture, dog leashes, and pet blankets. For more information, visit the website's blog at


Gardiner, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2016 --Corinne Eshleman is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide selection of pet products including dog leashes, pet carriers, pet furniture, pet blankets, dog collars, and pet beds. Eshleman was inspired to start her website by her passion for animals. She has always been passionate about wildlife and pets, at one point even traveling to South Africa to do wildlife research, teach children about protecting wildlife, and volunteer in an animal orphanage. Eshleman feels that pets are extremely important to the lives of those who own them, so she built her website as a place where pet owners would be able to find great items to help them take care of their pets.

There are many wonderful pet products featured within the merchandise of The website offers products including foam dog steps, dog couch beds, pet carriers for small dogs, plush dog beds, unique dog collars, four poster dog beds, dog airline carriers, pet burrow beds, and much more. Eshleman is especially proud of the large selection of pet beds available. There are many different types of beds that cater to animals with different sleeping habits. In the future, Eshleman is planning to add products for more types of pets including cat products, small animal products, bird products, and even chicken coops.

Providing a website that can help people with their pets is very important to Eshleman. Her goal is to help customers find great products that they can use while caring for their pets. She selects each product for by hand to ensure that only the best quality products are on her website. The site is driven by her passion for animals of all types.

In addition to the main website, Eshleman is launching a blog located at

The blog will cover topics that are related to pets and caring for these animals. Eshleman will be writing about the different products offered on her website, the importance of pets in people's lives, and how pets can impact lives. The goal of the blog will be to highlight the importance of pets and the care of these animals. About pets, she says, "all they want is love and what they give in return is unconditional love."

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