Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Offering Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

Founder of, Phyllis Pile, is launching an up-and-coming website featuring a wide selection of women's fashion jewelry and accessories including bracelets, pendants, designer items, and jewelry sets to help women stand out and feel confident. For more information, visit the website's blog at


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2016 --Phyllis Pile is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide selection of fashion jewelry and fashion accessories including bracelets, pendants, designer jewelry, and jewelry sets. Pile was inspired to start her website by her friendship with a clothing designer. Since he has been dressing her with beautifully designed items for years, she wanted to start a website where she could offer his products and other stunning fashion accessories to many women. She knows that these clothes and wearing the right jewelry pieces make her feel more confident so she is hoping to provide fashion accessories that can make other women feel good as well.

There are many excellent products featured within the merchandise of The website carries products including knotted pearl necklaces, multi-strand chord bracelets, yellow gold pendant necklaces, bohemian-style rings, jewelry care sets, trendy chokers and earrings, and much more. In the future, Pile will continue to change the items offered on the website depending on the styles available from designers she works with. By continuing to change the products offered on the website, she will be able to offer clients the latest fashion items that they might be interested in.

Providing clients with beautiful fashion jewelry and accessories is very important to Pile. Her website offers only the best in fashion jewelry with items that women can wear in the business world as well as items that they can wear on a normal day-to-day basis. The fashion items that are offered within are made to help women feel beautiful and confident wherever they are.

To complement the main website, Pile is launching a blog located at

The blog will cover topics that relate to fashion and how this influences life. Pile will be talking about finding jewelry that best represents yourself, looking for fashion accessories that women feel good wearing, and how to use fashion to help improve self-esteem. The goal of the blog is to teach women more about fashion and how what they wear affects their lives.

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