Web Entrepreneurs Launch A1StructuringWaterUnits.com, a Website Offering Water Restructuring Systems

Founders of A1StructuringWaterUnits.com, Pat and Leon Armbrester, announce the launch of their new website, featuring many different types of water restructuring systems, including whole house units and portable devices that can be used to create healthier, structured water wherever a person goes. For more information, visit the website blog at StructuredWaterBlog.com.


Rockford, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/31/2015 --Pat and Leon are excited to announce the creation and launch of the new website, http://www.A1StructuringWaterUnits.com, which offers a wide selection of water restructuring units to meet the needs of most users, including whole house units and hand held units that can restructure many types of liquids. For the renter, under the sink units and shower units are available, 2 sizes of garden units, RV unit (lg. garden unit doubles for RV), and Commercial units. They now offer a new dynamically enhanced shower head and a portable unit, both in cobalt blue, plus a water cooler for the home or office. Units come in both original and Dynamically Enhanced versions to keep EMF Waves and some radiation rays from harming the body. When a person moves, all units can easily be removed to take with them.

Having previously bought and tried most other water devices and liquids available in searching for healthy water, Pat and Leon were inspired to start the website by their own experience with this type of water. When their daughter suffered brain trauma in November of 2012, the doctors believed that she would never come out of the coma. Knowing the units produced more oxygen and removed harmful substances from the body, Pat and Leon convinced the doctors to allow them to bring restructured water from home to help her. Against all odds, their daughter came out of the coma in 21 days and has been slowly recovering since. The Armbresters' decided to start a website offering these restructuring units so that everyone would have the opportunity to experience the benefits of this kind of water.

There are many excellent water restructuring units featured within the merchandise at A1StructuringWaterUnits.com. These units restructure the water as God originally created water so that anything passing through the water, such as heavy metals, poisons, toxins and chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, are structured such that they are not permitted to enter the cells of the body. This allows these items to pass thorough the body directly to the elimination system where they are flushed out. Restructuring also makes water molecules smaller and softer, thus enhancing the healthy things found in the water such as extra oxygen and minerals. This allows them to be more absorbed by the cells of the body which in turn hydrates the body better. Restructured water is not only important as drinking water, but also as water used for watering plants, animals, showering, bathing, and cooking. Many think that just drinking bottled water protects them...WRONG. The body absorbs a great deal of water over the course of a shower or bath so restructuring this water as well can help a person avoid toxins and better hydrate their skin and leaving hair silky and shiny.

Everything Clayton Nolte has developed for water health, and future developments for sale can be found at A1StructuringWaterUnits.com including the handheld water restructuring units and the whole house units that can be installed for the complete home. The portable unit is small enough to fit in a purse for taking anywhere, eliminating the need to buy bottled water from stores, which often times is no better than tap water. It also can be used to restructure all liquids including alcohol, which prevents hangovers and smooths out cheap wine to taste like expensive wine. Whole house units are great for restructuring all of the water that is used in a home and outside for animals and plants causing fruits & veggies to be healthier and higher quality by increasing the brix rating. Soaking bought produce in the structured water not only increases the quality but also extends the shelf life of most fruits and vegetables.

Regardless of which unit used, the process of running water though them creates a structure that is adding energy, more oxygen and preparing the water to more completely provide not only something for the body but also cleaning the pipes and electrical units (i.e.) dishwasher, water heater, coffee pot, etc. Pat and Leon believe these units provide the best of the best of water!

In the future, Pat and Leon plan to continue to add new products as well as new ways to utilize existing products as new items that utilize this technology appear on the market. Providing great customer service and is very important to Pat and Leon, and every effort will be extended to customers who might have questions about the systems and how these are used. Questions that cannot be answered will be directed to the Manufacturer of systems offered on A1StructuringWaterUnits.com.

To complement the main website, Pat is also launching a blog located at http://www.StructuredWaterBlog.com.

The blog will cover a wide range of topics related to restructured water. Pat will be talking about the benefits of this type of water, how easy these products are to add to the home or remove when moving, and great ways to use structured water in a home. The purpose of the blog is to provide further information to customers to help them make informed purchasing decisions. Pat and Leon are happy to receive emails, phone calls and visits to the sites and look forward to serving customer needs when it comes to better water for them and their family.

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A1StructuringWaterUnits.com is owned and operated by Web entrepreneurs Pat and Leon Armbrester.

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