WeFidget Releases Next Generation, Multi-Functional Fidget Spinner, REVOQ


Annandale, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2017 --To aid concentration and mindfulness, has released what they describe as "the world's most awesome all-in-one multi-functional fidget spinner" on Kickstarter. The new fidget spinner, REVOQ, combines the most satisfying and important features of the popular fidget toys into one high-performing, quality, hand held toy, measuring just 2.5 inches.

Many people choose fidget cubes with buttons to press and click, or tri-spinners which rotate at speed on their axis. REVOQ combines these popular functions, and adds several more.

- It has the perfect balance and weight to achieve exceptional spin times of three to seven, or more, minutes.

- Rolling steel balls for fingers that like to massage and click.

- Four spring switches to replicate the action of flicking a ballpoint pen. Each spring switch has a different resistance.

- A deep thumb groove on the top for a soothing sensation, a similar concept to that of a 'worry stone.'

- Working the outside of REVOQ causes the cog on the top to turn like a gear.

- With a tiny bump on the top of the cog, the cog can also be gently rotated with a finger.

Pronounced 'revoke,' REVOQ fidget spinners are available on Kickstarter from $35, which is $10 less than their expected retail price. The campaign to raise $17,000 will run until July 6,2017, with REVOQ being shipped shortly after this date.

Fidget toys have become popular recently as many people find that fidgeting helps them to concentrate and focus. Therefore, rather than repress the need to fidget, fidget toys offer a solution for those that find keeping their hands and fingers busy is of benefit to them. Children and adults with SEN, such as sensory and concentration issues or ADHD, can benefit from fidget toys and they can even help individuals to feel calmer, less anxious and less stressed.

"REVOQ helps you to focus all your fidgeting habits into one simple and easy to carry toy," explained Dale Lin, founder of "For those who have tested it, we have seen nothing but positive results."

WeFidget believes that REVOQ can help users to increase productivity and attention span, motivate the brain, enhance creativity and aid with focus.

The patent pending REVOQ is made with high-performance R188 bearings, which are fully replaceable. It is a high-quality fidget toy that will withstand the wear and tear associated with gadgets of this nature. To find out more, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.