WEIDE Announces the Launch of WEIDE WS003


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2018 --[WEIDE WATCH]

WEIDE is excited to announce the launch of the WEIDE WS003, which is a significant update from the WS001. The new features help users to stay healthy and connected. The WEIDE watch provides a handy fitness tool as well as a quick access to information and communication with several new features, including Activity Recorder, Health Detection, and Staying connected.

"We are interested in helping our customers to improve their health, stay connected, enhance their well-being, and in many cases, detect life-threatening conditions. We work by following the concept of "Let Time Be Better" and strive to provide the perfect design and quality watches to our international customers."

Activity recorder:
The activity recorder function can detect the user's movements, especially when doing all kinds of sports. There are two options available: the "run mode" and the "step mode". Both options can keep track of the runtime, heart rate, calories, and steps are taken. This feature also reminds users to stand up and start moving if they have been sitting for a long time, thus promoting the importance of a regular physical activity.

Health detection:
WEIDE took a big step in turning the WS003 into a medical device, by adding blood pressure and heart-monitoring functions to its product. The WS003 watch is equipped with the latest heart rate IC and with a new 3D measurement technology for accurately monitoring the beating frequency of the user's heart. Besides, the sleeping-monitoring function has the advantage of giving customers an opportunity to constantly analyze the quality of their sleep. It creates a report each morning where it shows how many hours of quality sleep customers had and how many hours were wasted. Customers can then receive useful suggestions to solve their sleep issues.

Staying connected:
Customers can reach their friends with just a tap of the wristwatch, a watch-to-phone connection that supports incoming calls and text messages. It allows them to find their phones and to take photos through the app. All the features of the WEIDE watch will appear on the app, which is easy to operate and allows customers to manage their daily activities.

The user interface is a large display of 1.0-inch TFT and a 128x96 pixel with touch key. This gives space to app icons and fonts that are big and easy to read, while the screen display is user-friendly and useful. Moreover, the watch has a 100mAh battery, with a standby time of 15 days, and a usage time that lasts for around 5 to 7 days.

The WEIDE WS003 watch bands come in several autumn colors and styles. WEIDE has recently launched a fall collection of bands with vibrant colors and unique designs. The minimalist style of the silica gel bands is paired with a fresh stripe that alternates two colors for a crisp, clean look. This autumn everyone can customize their own watches with a new color.

About WEIDE Watch
WEIDE Watch is an international men sports watch brand, which is already registered in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong, Thailand, and in other countries. In the past 10 years, WEIDE BRAND has expanded its business to more than 80 countries, targeting the markets of Asia, South America, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe. Up to now, WEIDE has been expanded its network to include thousands of distributors. In 2012 & 2013, the WEIDE watches were twice the winners in the amounts of sales in the watch category. They also received the AliExpress certifications as the most popular and men's favorite sports watch.