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Wellness Springs Dental Franchise Helps Save Independent Dental Practice Money

The Dental franchise by Wellness Springs Dental offers dental professionals a chance to run a successful, long-lasting, profitable business. The business opportunity, which is available in over 20 states in the USA is helping dental professional to save money.


Salem, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2016 --Wellness Springs Dental (WSD), which provides a unique dental franchise that helps dental professionals to run a successful practice, has released details on how their unique business opportunity can help a dental practice to save money.

The most talked about Dental Franchise (WSD) helps dental practices to become a success and more profitable by being part of a bigger team. With the support WSD offers and the experience they provide, franchise holders can go from a struggling practice to one that becomes more profitable with less stress and a brighter future.

A spokesman for Wellness Springs Dental said: "There are many benefits to being part of the Wellness Springs Dental franchise, which includes the support we offer and the training we provide."

To run any type of business and make it a success it's important to have a great business model. It is also important to understand how to stop wasting money. WSD is an expert in helping dental professionals to reduce their running cost.

Wellness Springs Dental can help a dental practice to save money in the following ways:

- Eliminates expensive "one-and-done" episodic coaching/consulting contracts
- Provides you an understanding of key business metrics and how to influence them
- Risk Avoidance: Could help you stop wasting money on unproven or too-soon-to-market technologies
- Potentially lower merchant processing fees (credit card processing)
- Targeted online direct response marketing (vs. branding alone)
- Targeted offline direct response marketing (vs. branding alone)
- Potentially lower lab fees
- Potentially lower dental and office supply costs
- Potentially lower continuing education costs
- Potentially better overall legal compliance and updates (HIPAA, OSHA, ADA, etc.)
- No more wondering who to trust because you're part of a team.

There are many benefits to being part of WSD, and according to a spokesman for the dental franchise some of the benefits include:

Business & Growth Support
- New Patient Marketing Training & Systems
- Public Relations Training & Systems
- Business Finance Training & Systems
- Patient Financing Training & Systems
- Onsite and remote Practice Consulting
- Business Management Training & Systems
- Human Resources: Hiring, Firing, Training & Systems
- Vetted Dental-Specific Vendors and Partners
- Experienced Management To Support Your Practice

Best Business Practices & Systems
- Patient Attraction Tools & Systems
- Patient Retention Tools & Systems
- Initial and ongoing Ambassador/Employee Training
- Initial and ongoing Office Manager/COO Training
- Initial and ongoing Owner Training
- Business "help line" / on-call business management support
- Help Developing & Creating a Positive "Practice Culture"
- All current & future ClearPath Society® Systems, including area-exclusive rights

The dental franchise also provides a lot of lifestyle benefits including stress reduction, and a better quality of life by having a more successful dental practice.

WSD is currently looking for dentists that have their own practice and would like to be part of a bigger team and become a success story. To learn more about what it takes to own a Wellness Springs Dental® franchise, please visit

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Wellness Springs Dental provides a real opportunity to run a successful dental practice franchise, offering patients a quality service.

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